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Gifts for Wife:Luggage Smart Strap
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Date Necklace
Gifts for Wife:Terrarium Candle
Gifts for Wife:Long Distance Touch Bracelet
Gifts for Wife:Why I Love You Book
Gifts for Wife:Why I Love You Book
Gifts for Wife:Tic-Tac-Toe Hearts 12x12 Wooden Shiplap Sign
Gifts for Wife:Kiss Me And Then Kiss Me Again Personalized..
Gifts for Wife:You Warm My Soul 20x30 Canvas Print
Gifts for Wife:Personalized LED Picture Frames
Gifts for Wife:You Warm My Soul Art
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Romantic Glass LED Light Gifts..
Gifts for Wife:Daily Dose Of Your Love
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Woven Throw
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Beach Towels
Gifts for Wife:Custom Fingerprint Pendant
Gifts for Wife:Birthday Vouchers
Gifts for Wife:Custom Vinyl Record
Gifts for Wife:Create Your Own Reel Viewer
Gifts for Wife:Made With Love Personalized Red Casserole..
Gifts for Wife:Birth Month Flower Grow Kit
Gifts for Wife:Birthstone Candles
Gifts for Wife:What I Love About Us Fill In The Love Journal
Gifts for Wife:Name A Rose
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Whiskey Barrel
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Star Map
Gifts for Wife:I Love You Personalized Wall Art
Gifts for Wife:Champagne & Truffles Gift Basket
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Coupon Booklet
Gifts for Wife:Wedding Vows Canvas Print
Gifts for Wife:Pollinator Garden
Gifts for Wife:Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit
Gifts for Wife:Together Forever Pillowcases
Gifts for Wife:Healthy Gift Basket
Gifts for Wife:Guitar String Bangles
Gifts for Wife:Family Heart Personalized Birthstone Bracelet
Gifts for Wife:Airfryer, Fry With 75% Less Fat
Gifts for Wife:Portable Photo Printer
Gifts for Wife:Fitbit Wristband + Heart Rate
Gifts for Wife:3Doodler 3D Pen
Gifts for Wife:Sleep Shepherd Sleep Aid
Gifts for Wife:Luxury Massaging Cushion With Heat
Gifts for Wife:Mevo - Live Event Camera
Gifts for Wife:Elite Wine Pouring System
Gifts for Wife:Perfect Bake Pro
Gifts for Wife:Portable Double Hammock
Gifts for Wife:Bose QuietComfort Headphones
Gifts for Wife:Smart Luggage
Gifts for Wife:Amazon Echo
Gifts for Wife:The Selfie Toaster
Gifts for Wife:Chill Away Heated Fleece Wrap
Gifts for Wife:Flexible Table Stand For Kitchen
Gifts for Wife:Ugg Women Slippers
Gifts for Wife:10: Whats On Your Top 10 List?
Gifts for Wife:What I Love About You Journal
Gifts for Wife:Sexy Truth Or Dare
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Voice Rings
Gifts for Wife:Bad Dog Tumblers
Gifts for Wife:Birth Month Mini Dish
Gifts for Wife:Couples Pillowcases
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Glass Anniversary Picture..
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Ticket Stub Scrapbook
Gifts for Wife:Create Your Own Personalized Wood Picture..
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Milestone Dates Keepsake
Gifts for Wife:Years Together Anniversary Canvas
Gifts for Wife:Amish Shark Skin Leather Clutch
Gifts for Wife:Shoe Shopper Watch In Silver (Large)
Gifts for Wife:Organic Tea Of The Month
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Photo Shelf Blocks Set
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Couples Fleece Blanket
Gifts for Wife:Engraved Lipstick Case - Makeup Motto
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Teddy Bear
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Romantic Mug Set
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Heart Clock
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Poetry Sculpture
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Keepsake
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Photo Frame
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Basswood Wall Art Sign - Rustic..
Gifts for Wife:Youre All I Need Keepsake
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Puzzle Family Ornament
Gifts for Wife:Custom Embroidered Kimono Robe
Gifts for Wife:Our Love Story Picture Frame
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Heart Keychains - My Sweetheart
Gifts for Wife:Special Dates Personalized Canvas
Gifts for Wife:Engraved Birthstone Ring
Gifts for Wife:Together In Love Ring
Gifts for Wife:Foodie Dice
Gifts for Wife:Birth Month Flower Necklace
Gifts for Wife:Italian Cheesemaking Kit
Gifts for Wife:Wine Soaps
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Rhinestone Tumbers
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Spa Robe
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Purse Hanger
Gifts for Wife:Custom Personalized Aprons
Gifts for Wife:Our Life Together Wall Art
Gifts for Wife:Personalized Home State Canvas
Gifts for Wife:Wild & Crazy Socks Subscription For Her
Gifts for Wife:Thoughtful Daily Notes
Gifts for Wife:Cheese Of The Month Club
Gifts for Wife:Presidents Choice Cheesecake Sampler

Expert Tips

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The Essential Guide to Dazzling Gifts for Your Wife

Whether your wife makes it clear what kinds of gifts she'd appreciate or likes to keep you guessing, the key to making her happy is to tune in to what means the most to her - and then go with your heart. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a gift for your wife:


Give a Daily Reminder

Sometimes it's the little things that keep her feeling special - those things she sees and uses on a daily basis, like a coffee mug that tells her you care or cute couple pillowcases that say, "I love you," every day.


Pamper Her

Would she like a foot massager, an on-the-go tea brewing system for her favorite morning beverage, or a plush bathrobe to curl up in on the weekends? Maybe all three. Gift her with luxury!


Try a No-Fail Classic

Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. You know whether her taste is more diamond earrings or natural-wood arm cuff, but as far as gifts for your wife go, jewelry is always a win.


Appeal to Her Adventurous Side

Purchasing an experience, like a sunset cruise or a scenic helicopter ride, will create a lasting memory of your thoughtfulness.


Get Personal

Choose an exquisite new frame for a photo from your wedding or a memorable vacation, or make a mug using your children's artwork as the design. You can even create a personalized book that features your very own love story.


Be Sweet

A subscription to a monthly Mystery Chocolate Box, for instance, will appease a sugar-lover again and again, or chocolate body paint can suggest a new type of after-dinner treat.


Think Larger Than Life

Would she like an acre of the moon? A plot of green land in Ireland? A star named after her? If she likes to dream big, reach for the stars.

Gift Guides

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30th Birthday Gifts Gifts to Amaze That Amazing Wife Of Yours

If you're feeling a bit nervous about what to give your wife, well, you should be. This is not the time to give her something practical that feels nothing like a gift. This is most definitely not the time to toss a gift card in some paper and call it a present. You need to step it up with a gift that wows your wife in the most wonderful ways. We’ve got you covered with this go-to list of birthday gifts for your wife.

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