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Guide to Giving Gag Gift Ideas Because?Why Not??

When you think of gag gifts, you probably think of old standbys like whoopee cushions, disappearing ink, rubber chickens, and snakes in a can. These gag gift ideas have stood the test of time, so take your inspiration from them - as well as these ideas. 


Go with Wearable Gag Gifts

Slippers that look like animal feet or aprons that make a person look like they're donning a bikini (perfect for a guy!) are great examples of wearable gag gift ideas for the goofball in your life.


Stick with Potty Humor

Anything that has to do with #1, #2, or anything in between makes for an excellent gag gift - hence the endurance of the age-old whoopee cushion! Some ideas include spray that smells like flatulence or even talking toilet paper!


Bring Humor to Tech Gifts

Plenty of USB drives that resemble other things - like a thumb (Get it? Thumb drive?) - make for great gag gifts. So do silly chargers or wacky cases for smartphones.


Shock 'Em

Plenty of perfectly safe "electrifying gifts" are available to shock your recipient in the funniest way possible. Things like pens, calculators, and even palm-held buzzers are great gag gift ideas that are bound to make an impression...though you run the risk of no one shaking your hand again!


Gift Mugs That Look Like Other Things

If you're looking for a gag gift for any kind of recipient, look no further than mugs. Many are designed to look like anything from a prescription bottle to a toilet bowl!


Get Silly Glasses

Whether it's a set of wineglasses that look that they're about to tip over or a beer stein in the shape of a boot, plenty of glasses intended for booze come in wacky designs that are probably even funnier when you've had a few drinks!