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Graduation gifts for friends are gifts for the people who’ve been with you through it all at school. Whether we’re talking high school, college, or a master’s degree, your friends have been with you through every exhausting finals week, every hilarious homecoming, and every Friday night where there was nothing to do — but you still had fun. So here’s how to prep for graduation. Study this gift list of ideas for the best graduation gifts for friends.

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You don’t have a huge budget to spend, but you do want to show your sweet boyfriend you’re big-time proud of him for graduating. And this is your hottie boyfriend, not your brother, so you want a graduation gift that shows him some heart-eyes love. Look no further than this ultimate gift list of graduation gifts that makes searching gifts for the boyfriend something you can check off in a snap.

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Graduation gifts often get left to the last minute, and then you’re left thinking the only option is the money card (bor-ing). There’s another way to surprise grads who are soon to be dorm-dwellers or job seekers. What’s the secret? It’s by being the one person who gives a wrapped present for her to open. Even though your grad is all grown up, she still loves to be surprised. This gift list of graduation gifts for her helps you do just that.

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Every grad deserves a gift that celebrates the big accomplishment of finishing school. To score a graduation gift that’s just right for your grad, you want to consider a few things. What school level is he graduating from? What’s next after graduation? What’s he like? Here’s a gift list that’s the solution to your questions. You’ll be sending him off with a graduation gift that celebrates this big moment, or sets him up for success in the next chapter.