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It’s not every day that you and your friends graduate from college. And you certainly worked hard to get here! So while funds may be tight, you definitely want to step up and celebrate with something more special than a Facebook shoutout. Also, these friends are the ones who helped you make it through college. Say thanks, say congrats, and send off friends with gift ideas to celebrate graduation. Because it’s a big deal.

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You’re about to see how hot your boyfriend is going to look in a cap and gown. Yep, he’s a stud and he’s smart to boot. And now you’re tasked with searching out a college graduation gift that shows him he’s the bee’s-knees. Here’s a quickie lesson in gift-giving: choose your favorites from this gift list of college graduation gifts so you’ll get him flashing that devilishly handsome smile of his.

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You couldn’t be more proud of her. All those moments leading up to this — from first words written to sticking it through geometry class — have made you super proud of her. But knowing that she’s graduating from college is giving you all the feels. She’s mighty smart, mighty accomplished, and you’re looking for a mighty fine gift to give her. Luckily, we have a long list of college graduation gifts just for her.

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Graduating from college is no small feat. For the grad, he’s just completed a college degree after years of passing midterms, writing final papers, managing labs and course requirements, and making it through late-night study sessions. For the parents, they just made it through paying for college (not a small feat, either.) So these college graduation gifts play up the wow factor — since graduating from college is a really big deal.