College Graduation Gifts

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College Graduation Gifts:Memory Lane Personalized Canvas
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Star Map
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Silver Fortune Cookie
College Graduation Gifts:Graduation Guestbook Custom Art Print - 24x36
College Graduation Gifts:Adventure Gifts
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Tie Bar - Special Date
College Graduation Gifts:Heavy Duty Personalized Garment Bag Luggage
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Leather Portfolio
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Bear With Graduation Gown And Cap
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Money Clip Wallet
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Mens Tie
College Graduation Gifts:Graduation Photo Canvas
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Words Of Wisdom Graduation Jar
College Graduation Gifts:Engraved Graduation Photo Cube Frame
College Graduation Gifts:Safe Paperweight
College Graduation Gifts:Engraved Silver Keyring - Life Is A Journey
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Marble Desk Clock - Graduation
College Graduation Gifts:Custom Glass Graduation Picture Frame - As..
College Graduation Gifts:Custom Vinyl Record
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Jewelry Boxes - Graduation
College Graduation Gifts:Engraved Glass Photo Frame - Graduation..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Bi-Fold Wallet
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Keepsake Box -..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Marble Graduation Keepsake -..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Gifts - Secrets Of..
College Graduation Gifts:Future Depends On Today Ring
College Graduation Gifts:Graduation Greetings Personalized Natural..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Keepsake -..
College Graduation Gifts:Race A Ferrari
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Necklace - Silver..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Photo Keepsake Box - Graduation..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Inspirational Quotes Keepsake..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Ticket Stub Scrapbook
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Photo Guitar Picks -..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Photo Plaques -..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Keepsake - Inspiration For Her
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Canvas Prints - Inspiriting..
College Graduation Gifts:The Graduate 11x14 Personalized Signature..
College Graduation Gifts:Custom Map Coasters
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Wooden Photo Album
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Picture Frames -..
College Graduation Gifts:Zip Lining Experiences
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Fleece Blanket -..
College Graduation Gifts:Smartpen (Record What You Write)
College Graduation Gifts:Moon Phase Necklace
College Graduation Gifts:School Memories Graduation Blanket
College Graduation Gifts:Game Of SPACE
College Graduation Gifts:ChargeHub: USB Charging Station
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Wooden Graduation Photo Frame -..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Break Apart Heart Keyring -..
College Graduation Gifts:Custom Fingerprint Cufflinks
College Graduation Gifts:Double Graduation Photo Frame
College Graduation Gifts:Custom Graduation Ceramic Coffee Mug -..
College Graduation Gifts:Engraved Graduation Jewelry Box - Graduation..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Frame - Graduation..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Frame - Memories Are..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Photo Canvas Print -..
College Graduation Gifts:Engraved Graduation Photo Box
College Graduation Gifts:Personal Map Money Clip
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Pen & Case Set - The..
College Graduation Gifts:Graduation Personalized Pillow
College Graduation Gifts:Create Your Own Reel Viewer
College Graduation Gifts:GPS Smart Travel Lock
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Blanket For Graduation 60x80 -..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Valet Box
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Christmas Ornament -..
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Graduation Flip Photo Album Frame
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Blue Graduation Coffee Mugs -..
College Graduation Gifts:Amazon Echo
College Graduation Gifts:Real Butterfly Wing Pendant
College Graduation Gifts:Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro
College Graduation Gifts:Learn To Fly
College Graduation Gifts:Blue Personalized Graduation Coffee Mugs -..
College Graduation Gifts:The Start-Up Of You
College Graduation Gifts:101 Secrets For Your Twenties
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized You Name It Frames
College Graduation Gifts:Personalized Silver Picture Frames -..
College Graduation Gifts:App Station Alarm Clock
College Graduation Gifts:Polaroid Cube HD Digital Video Camera
College Graduation Gifts:Prescription Beer Kooler
College Graduation Gifts:The Original Guitar Pick Punch
College Graduation Gifts:Bicycle Pizza Cutter
College Graduation Gifts:Dirty Underwear Safe
College Graduation Gifts:Watch And Sunglasses Case
College Graduation Gifts:Goji Play
College Graduation Gifts:Mondo Internet Radio
College Graduation Gifts:MOVA Rotating World Globe
College Graduation Gifts:Cashmere Scarf With Gift Box
College Graduation Gifts:The Daily Mood Desk Flipchart
College Graduation Gifts:Drives Of A Lifetime
College Graduation Gifts:Wifi-Enabled Smart Crock-Pot
College Graduation Gifts:Pebble Smartwatch
College Graduation Gifts:No Holes Leather Belt
College Graduation Gifts:Maxboost IPhone Case With Battery
College Graduation Gifts:Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife
College Graduation Gifts:GoPro HERO3
College Graduation Gifts:Electric Guitar Player Pack
College Graduation Gifts:Sphero 2.0 - App Controlled Robotic Ball
College Graduation Gifts:Sony Smartphone Attachable Camera
College Graduation Gifts:Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

Expert Tips

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Ultimate Guide to Amazing Gifts for College Graduates

It's no small feat to graduate from college these days. Show them how proud you are by giving them a gift as special as the occasion. We put together the ultimate guide for helping you give amazing college graduation gifts for the go-getter in your lif


Consider their Career Choice

Find out what they want to do with their degree and wrap up a college graduation gift that gets them pumped about and prepared for entering the work force and following their dream.


Consider their Passion for Learning

Usually, along the path through college students find a passion for learning about certain subjects that they never realized before. Find out what sparks their creative thinking and get them some extra reading materials or another gift that reminds them of their passion and inspires life-long learning.


Consider their Other Passions

Dealing with the stress of college and now the stress of joining the work force requires some serious stress management. That's where other passions and hobbies come in. Find out what they like to do to blow off steam and forget about work. Or, introduce them to your way of doing it.


Commemorate the Date

This is without a doubt one of the biggest days of their lives to date. Commemorate it with a gift that has that date engraved, printed, embroidered or framed. It will always remind them of how hard they worked to get there and will inspire them to keep going when things get tough again.


Celebrate with a Superlative

What is their greatest personality trait that will help them climb the ladder and make a difference in the world? Celebrate it with a fun gift announcing their status as the wittiest, wackiest, smartest person on campus.


Go with Team Spirit

Over the last few years they have most likely become pretty serious fans of their home team. Celebrate their alma mater with gifts featuring the team or school logo so that they can show their pride wherever they go.


Consider the Long View

Graduating college is huge, but now there's the rest of their lives. Eek. Give a gift that will help them get organized and cope with the challenges and long view of life that lies ahead. From financial planning to philosophy and guide books; the most successful adults are given a framework to get there that goes well beyond their diploma and a job.Consider the Long View

Gift Guides

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The Top Gifts For Friends Graduating From College

It’s not every day that you and your friends graduate from college. And you certainly worked hard to get here! So while funds may be tight, you definitely want to step up and celebrate with something more special than a Facebook shoutout. Also, these friends are the ones who helped you make it through college. Say thanks, say congrats, and send off friends with gift ideas to celebrate graduation. Because it’s a big deal.

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Rad Gifts that Celebrate Your Boyfriend The Graduate

You’re about to see how hot your boyfriend is going to look in a cap and gown. Yep, he’s a stud and he’s smart to boot. And now you’re tasked with searching out a college graduation gift that shows him he’s the bee’s-knees. Here’s a quickie lesson in gift-giving: choose your favorites from this gift list of college graduation gifts so you’ll get him flashing that devilishly handsome smile of his.

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From Student to Graduate: Gifts That Honor Her Achievement

You couldn’t be more proud of her. All those moments leading up to this — from first words written to sticking it through geometry class — have made you super proud of her. But knowing that she’s graduating from college is giving you all the feels. She’s mighty smart, mighty accomplished, and you’re looking for a mighty fine gift to give her. Luckily, we have a long list of college graduation gifts just for her.

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What To Give Your College Grad (Other than Cash)

Graduating from college is no small feat. For the grad, he’s just completed a college degree after years of passing midterms, writing final papers, managing labs and course requirements, and making it through late-night study sessions. For the parents, they just made it through paying for college (not a small feat, either.) So these college graduation gifts play up the wow factor — since graduating from college is a really big deal.

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