Gifts for 4 Year Old

Find over 101 best gifts for 4 year old in 2024

Gifts for 4 Year Old:Kidizoom Smartwatch
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:Fire Kids Edition Tablet
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:Laser Tag Set
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Gifts for 4 Year Old: Talking Interactive Doll
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:My Life Story Diary
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:Recordable Storybook
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:TP Activity Spiro Bouncer
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:Fold & Go Trampoline
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:Cuddlekins Lion 30 Plush
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:Magna-Tiles
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:Kidz Delight Tech Set
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:Glide Tricycle
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:Multi Voice Changer
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Gifts for 4 Year Old:Indoor Snowball Fight
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Expert Tips

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Gifts for 4-Year-Olds: The Kid-Approved Guide

Four is the age when your preschooler feels, acts, and talks like a big kid who's ready for anything. If you don't have that little one's wish list on hand, here's what to keep in mind, whether you're looking for a gift that's more educational, creative, or just plain fun. 


Support the little artist

Four is the age where kids play independently, and art supplies never get old. And kids get better at holding a pencil at this age, so a rainbow set of colored pencils or thin markers make great gifts.


Give gifts that burn energy

Even in the age of the iPad and cool-kid apps, old-school games still make incredible gifts for 4-year-olds, who have oodles of energy to burn. They'll be happy to run and watch a colorful kite soar high. Four is also a good age to start developing a bike-balancing skills.


Enter the world of make believe

This is the magic age of dress up and make believe - with fairy wings, unicorns, superhero capes, and tutus taking center stage. Scout out costumes, masks, face paint, a doctor's kit, or a dollhouse to add wonder to pretend play.


Give materials for building

This age group loves to build complex castles, towers, and structures with their hands. Blocks, Legos, or Magna tiles are all slam-dunk gifts for 4-year-olds.


Encourage a love of reading

Preschoolers can follow along with favorite chapter books (like Peter Pan or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Or choose picture books that include humor, exaggeration, and general silliness, and you'll have a happy, giggly 4-year-old on your hands.


Give the gift of independence

Next stop is kindergarten, and 4-year-olds are certainly proud of what they can already do. Gifts that build on that can-do attitude are winners - think a backpack to carry his things around all by himself.


Inspire young makers

With longer attention spans and better coordination, 4-year-olds love to make and create projects. Look for all-in-one-kits that let kids design or build something from scratch. Gifts related to science and experiments are a sure hit (check the recommended age range first).


Sit down and play

 Let family game nights commence! At age 4, kids can follow rules and play many sit-down games, like a memory matching game. Simple games make learning gifts for 4-year-olds, including learning to wait their turn and handle losing sometimes. Chances are, the game also reinforces numbers, letters, colors, and shapes.

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