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How to Find Precious Presents for Baby's First Christmas

Looking over to see a sweet baby by the Christmas tree feels like the most wonderful feeling at the most wonderful time of the year. A cooing small infant may not be able to unwrap gifts just yet, but there are sure to be many Christmas gifts under the tree for that baby who lights up the room (even more than the twinkly lights). Here's how to shop for Christmas gifts for a baby girl or baby boy and mark a special milestone - baby's first Christmas - on this holiday.


All About Firsts

For baby’s first Christmas, look to gifts that mark the special holiday. You’ll find every wearable and photo-related gift imaginable marked with “baby’s first Christmas.” For a creative twist, think beyond the obvious. Where is everyone gathering for this Christmas? You could give a destination-themed gift, just in mini size.


Photo Fun

Of course, there’s the required photo of baby meeting Santa for the first time (with tears). What you do with photos of these once-ever Christmas memories can turn into the best gift.


Starting Traditions

Family traditions is what Christmas is all about. Maybe everyone dresses up in the same pajamas for a Christmas morning family photo? Tap into the tradition! Give a matching set as a Christmas present for baby girl to include her, too.


Christmas Motifs

Think about any baby-related toy (rattle, teether, quilt) and add a Christmas motif (tree, Santa, reindeer) for an adorable combination. You don’t need to know what’s already in the nursery, since you’re just giving a bonus holiday version as a Christmas present for baby boy.


Numbers Game

Sweet and sentimental gifts are not for everyone, we get it. Sometimes you want to go straight for a practical or fun gift, done and done. Before ordering any toy or cool thingamabob for baby, look for labels on toys that mark the age range. Toys with small parts are off-limits because of the choking hazard.


Mark the Day

Ask yourself, how many times will the child have toes that tiny on Christmas? Just this once. With a little sneaky babysitting right before the big day, you can imprint baby’s footprints or mark her teeny size in some other sweet way for a special surprise for under the tree.


Next Steps

Think to her next milestone coming up when considering a Christmas present for the baby girl in your family. Maybe she’s on the cusp of taking her first steps (major milestone!) in which case some golden walking shoes may be in order.


Start Saving

Christmas is a perfect time for baby’s first gift of money. If you don’t know the deets on baby’s first bank account (is there one set up? Is it under the child’s name?) then keep it simple. Find an adorable piggy bank to hold your cash gift (you can even give your dollars in gold dollar coins as a special touch.)


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