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How to Shop for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dad

He’s got a special way about him that makes him truly one in a million. Whether he’s the dad of a baby daughter, or the dad whose daughter has kids of her her, or anywhere in between...dads are a special kind of person who deserve a super special Valentine that shows they are appreciated (and forgiven) for being uniquely “Dad”. We’ve got you covered to help you find the perfect gift for the guy who brought you into this world! Valentine’s Day is a sweet time to show Dad that you love him for always. Here is how daughters can get the best Valentine’s Day gifts for dads.


Take a trip down memory lane, for old times' sake

Gather up some of your favorite old and new pictures and create a custom book, mug, shirt, etc. showcasing some of the best times you’ve documented together. That could be family holiday shots from through the years or milestone events like births, weddings, new pets, or retirement parties.


Make new memories with dear old dad

Forget the past and make a new memory with an unforgettable experience together like a bike tour of breweries or a cooking class or driving a race car! Whether he admits to loving it at the time or not, he will never forget it and you will always have the memory that grows sweeter with time.


Give a Valentine's Day gift for dad from the baby

Munch, munch, munch! Being awake at odd hours does weird things to your sense of hunger. As in, you’re hungry all of the time because you have no idea what time it actually is. So, load him up with some good snacks to peck at whenever he finds himself grazing. There are loads of Of the Month Clubs and other towers, baskets and individual indulgences to choose from to keep his tummy happy. We don’t want dad getting hangry around the baby!


Sign him up!

Subscriptions to just about anything will make dad feel like he’s still part of the real world. Whether it’s a magazine, a newspaper, a TV subscription, food, meals, wine, beer, or a DIY kit, he will be grateful for the chance to connect with himself (or a new version of himself) when he finds a spare minute. This is a great Valentine's Day gift for dad from the baby, too! But, it's a great one for dads of all ages. 


Clean him up, baby!

New dads are notorious for giving up shaving, cutting back on showering, and cutting their wardrobe down to the same three outfits each week. Yup. Three. You do the math. And, they let it go on for way, too, long. Like, years. We suggest instead, you give him something to help him stay clean and together. A good kit of shower gear, a shower radio or bathroom boombox to motivate him to spend a little more time in there. Or, a respectable outfit from his favorite store that doesn’t require ironing or a visit to the dry cleaner will do just fine. Hey, even a new set of pajamas to put in rotation will help his cause. This is a hilarious (and useful!) Valentine's Day gift from baby. 


Valentine’s Day gifts for a new dad

Dad is wrecked, no doubt. Babies are sweet but they require a lot of effort day and night and dad is doing his fair share of helping out. Let the baby give him something to help him recoup. A massager or certificate to get a massage could help. You can also give him something to ease the late night snuggle sessions from blankets to water bottles to pillows or headphones...anything you can think of that would make it easier.


Escapist Valentine's Day gifts

Give the new dad (or any dad, really, who are we kidding?!) the chance to go out and do something else...with his buddies or alone. Just let him have some time to himself doing something he loves. There are loads of experience gift certificates that baby can give from driving a Ferrari to beer tasting at a local brewery. Or, get him tickets to see his favorite team/band/event with a friend.

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