Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys

Handpicked by Gift Experts

Ultra Fast-Dry Towel
$34.95 @ Thegrommet
PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer
$59.95 @ ItsThoughtful
Flexible Tablet Stand
$39.95 @ Thegrommet
Name & Interests Canvas
$37.99 @ Thepersonalizationco
Pizza Of The Month Club
$179.85 @ AmazingClubs
Cake Of The Month Club
$83.85 @ AmazingClubs
Jerky Of The Month Club
$83.85 @ AmazingClubs
Adventure Gifts
$95.00 @ cloud9living
Magnetic Target Game
$49.95 @ Thegrommet
Alligator Skin Money Clip
$69.99 @ Yoderleather
Zip Lining Experiences
$65.00 @ cloud9living
Name A Star
$19.99 @ LunarLand
Quadcopter Drone
$139.99 @ Amazon
DIY Computer Kit
$299.00 @ Thegrommet
Amazon Echo
$139.99 @ Amazon
Personalized Voice Art
$75.00 @ VoiceArtGallery
Custom Vinyl Record
$175.00 @ ItsThoughtful
Letters To My Future Self
$14.95 @ ItsThoughtful
Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro
$129.00 @ cloud9living
Folio Smartpad
$199.95 @ Amazon
Roll-Up Drum Kit
$69.95 @ Thegrommet

Expert Tips

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Guide to Scoring Rad Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys
Teenage boys are about as hard to figure out as the music they listen to but we've put together some tips to help you get tuned in to the right frequency and score a gift that he'll brag to his friends about.

Find out His Interests
Teenage guys are full of ideas and energy and that means that they have lots of interests. Ask his parents, siblings or friends to help you out. If he's creative, loves to read, follows the stock market or is a future activist, you can take that information and find a great gift to match.

Help Him Achieve His Goals
Teenagers are also starting to sketch out the framework of their futures. If you can find out even a piece of their master plan, you can help them find their way to making it a reality with a thoughtful gift.

Route for His Favorite Team
Find out his favorite sport and team and get him fan gear so that he can show team spirit whenever and wherever he feels like it. Licensed team goods come in every shape, size and price point so you're bound to find something that lines up with your budget and his taste.

Encourage His Passion
Passions are more than interests. If he can't talk about anything else, or, if given a choice he'd always pick the same thing then you have met his passion. Help him get deeper into the details of his passion and teach him a skill that will enable him succeed well into the future.

Plan for the Future
Setting up a savings account or donating money to a college fund or buying him a share of stock in a company, brand or team that he adores will teach him about personal finances. Sure, that is kind of lame to a teenager but if you talk to him about it and explain the longer vision he will appreciate that talk in about 20 years. Better late than never!

Get Out of the Box
Get him to do something he's never done before. Adventure certificates for all sorts of cool and exciting experiences exist in almost any city. Tap into things that you know he has expressed interest in and get him out there actually doing it, learning about it and making a memory that he'll never forget.

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