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5 Questions to Ask Before Shopping Valentine's Day Gifts for your Girlfriend

What you instinctually know, or may have learned through experience, is that Valentine's Day gifts for a girlfriend have certain repercussions. After all, the holiday was created for girlfriends - you don't want to mess this up. As a kiddo, you learned that every action has a reaction. You're shooting for a delighted reaction with these spectacular Valentine gift ideas for her. And yes, surprising her with a unique gift scores more points than a box of chocolates. Think about these points before choosing Valentine's Day gifts for your girlfriend:


How long have you been a couple?

This is an important point because you want Valentine gift ideas for her that show her your feelings, and how much she means to you - especially if you two have been together a long while. On the other hand, if say, you met last week, you don't want to scare her with anything over-the-top.


Is she a romantic at heart?

Steer away from the generic and obvious Valentine's Day gifts for your girlfriend. (Ahem, that heart box in your pharmacy aisle.) Instead, scout out a gift that's sweet, sincere, and even a little sappy - like an album or custom keepsake book. Think on a fun way to spice up your evenings together. Or surprise her with a special piece of jewelry.


Have you gotten to spend quality time together recently?

If you two have been extra busy with work, traveling, or just haven't had enough QT together, consider a Valentine's gift that's an experience rather than a thing to open. After all, time together is the best gift. For a splurge, whisk her away on a romantic adventure planned by you.


Appeal to her senses

Attraction is where it all began, and you can reignite that sensual vibe by appealing to her senses. Think about Valentine gift ideas for her that are tasty, smell sweet, feel soft and luxurious, or otherwise spell romance.


Go the cute route

If she's most definitely your Valentine (but girlfriend status is ambiguous), go for an easy Valentine's Day gift that's sure to get a laugh. From secret decoder pens that share a sweet message to a delightful book on the topic of love, choose from the many adorable Valentine gift ideas for her.

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