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Finding the Ultimate 2nd Anniversary Gift

Two years ago, you married the love of your life (cue the warm, fuzzy feelings). Celebrate a second year of wedded bliss with a second year anniversary gift that shows that your love shines brighter with each trip around the sun. Gifts inspired by cotton are traditional for a 2nd anniversary gift,but don't be afraid think differently when brainstorming the best 2nd anniversary gift for your forever partner.


Perk up the bed

Gift a fresh set of sheets (and maybe monogram them!) to make your bed even more inviting. That's a gift that you'll (not-so) secretly enjoy, too.


Give a cuddly robe or special pajamas

Find the most comfy robe (made for snuggling) as a 2nd anniversary gift for him or her.


Present a message of love

Bold typography is everywhere in home decor. Look for pillows, blankets, tea towels, or accents that are printed or embroidered with a sweet word or flirty phrase, like "you and me".


Upgrade the bath

Choose a sumptuous set of towels to grab after the morning shower. Towels also give your sweetheart an excuse to end the day with a relaxing bath.


Lounge in style

Give your partner a cotton hammock so you two can nap together in the sunshine. Or set up your living space with a couple squishy poufs or beanbags,so you two can watch your favorite show with your feet up.


Pack a beach bag

Give her a sweet cotton sarong. Give him a rad oversized beach towel. Then make a beeline for a sandy beach or the nearest pool to get your relaxation on.


Invest in clothes

Give him a handsome new shirt that feels like a splurge. Give her the dress that she casually mentioned was on her wishlist. Then both of you can wear your new duds to a special anniversary dinner out on the town.


Think in pairs

Skip the cotton connection and choose a 2nd anniversary gift that focuses on the number two - as you make a great pair. Think of gifts in pairs, like concert tickets, bikes for riding together, or a set of champagne flutes (along with a bottle of bubbly) to toast to your 2nd anniversary.

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