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How to Win Over the Lawyer You Love

Finding gifts for lawyers is arguably a difficult case. You may have a friend or someone in your family who's a lawyer, and you're now in the discovery process for finding gift ideas. All lawyers tend to get lumped in together, but you don't want to settle on the clichs. Here's how to land gifts for lawyers that win on all counts. (By the way, you don't need to buy your paid lawyer a gift - referrals are the best way to say thanks!)


Criminal or Civil

First things first, what kind of law does your lawyer practice? Many gifts geared towards lawyers imply locking someone up in prison, which is better suited for criminal lawyers — not a divorce lawyer. And some lawyers, like corporate lawyers, rarely make it into a courtroom for litigation. Make sure your gift makes sense for the kind of law her or she practices.


Tough Skinned

Have you thought about their personality? Lawyers tend to have tough skins — as they always need to appear confident in front of the jury. And let’s face it, lawyers get thrown a lot of insults. Think about satirical gifts that are just for fun — for the lawyer who can laugh about all the lawyer jokes said around the table.


Celebrates the Law

Studying law definitely attracts those history buffs with a precedent of remembering names and dates. Take a sneak peek into what books are in their home library. You can think on a fun coffee table read or a memoir from a famous justice to satisfy your lawyer’s simple appreciation for the law.


Law and Order

One thing is for sure, lawyers are as detailed in nature as those non-disclosure agreements they draw up. So look for gifts for lawyers that help keep law-and-order on their desk. Before you search out organizing tools for their desk, just be sure to get a sense of your lawyer’s general design style.


Making Partner

Making partner is high on the achievement list for any lawyer. If the lawyer you love just recently made partner, think on a congratulatory gift that acknowledges what a big deal it is.


Paper World

While much of the world has gone digital, a look inside any lawyer’s office will reveal loads of paper (soon to be signed on the dotted line in triplicate.) What’s something meaningful in your lawyer’s life? You can likely find that special something, place, or even their name created in the form of a paperweight or other personalized gift — to bring something heartfelt to those piles of paper.


Court or Office

Find out how often your favorite lawyer spends their day in court. Some lawyers are almost exclusively in the office, while others are dashing between the courtroom and their desk on a regular basis. Other good questions to ask: what to do they use to transport their case files or paperwork? You can clue into organizers that will help your lawyer travel easier.


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