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How to Surprise Your Wife With the Best Stocking Stuffers

Time is ticking, so don't put off the search for stocking stuffers for your wife. You know your wife will notice if her stocking feels light. You also want to do it right with small gifts that bring out that happy glow in her. We've pulled together tips to find the best stocking stuffers for your wife. Remember the end goal is showing her she's your better half with some sweet little somethings aimed at bringing out that smile and dimple of hers (that begs to be kissed.)


Family Matters

You’ve known your wife a long time, but that sister of hers or her mom — they’ve known her longer. Ask the family for ideas on something small that would make her smile. Because it sometimes takes more than one person to come up with a stellar stocking stuffer.


Best Reception

Have you had a few Christmas “misses” with your wife? Then think back to a gift she loved and couldn’t stop talking about. Was it a sentimental gift? Or something really practical? Start with that guide when you’re looking for stocking stuffers for your wife.


Time Together

Gifts that are an experience or give you a way to snag some alone time together can fall within the stocking stuffer budget. You just need a little creativity. Instead of a full-on dinner, it could a date for the best doughnuts in town.


Girl Fun

When your wife isn’t with you, she spends most of her time with her crew of gal pals. So the best stocking stuffers for your wife could be inspired by what she loves to do most with them. You could slip a pretty nail polish in her stocking with a note to have fun at the salon with her besties.


Her Own Time

Does she sit in front the TV and knit? Or does she love to draw just for fun? Think about what your wife likes to do to relax on her own. Then look for a just-perfect supply to stick in the stocking, like a beautiful ball of yarn.


On the Horizon

Are you and your wife saving up for something big? Maybe it’s that first home or renovating the kitchen in your current space. Think on a little gift related to those big plans on the horizon. If you’re about to buy a house, you could find a cool keychain for the set of house keys you can’t wait to hold.


Pinterest Perfect

Your wife has a wishlist that is probably public information. Have you checked out her Pinterest board? She is likely pinning away and you can find ideas, even small accessories that could make good stocking stuffers for your wife.


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