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How to Hit a Homerun with Baseball Gifts for Him

You've decided on baseball as your gift theme, but now you're wondering if a gift card could pinch-hit instead. Don't play it safe! We're sharing the play-by-play so you can clinch a homerun in finding baseball gifts for him. Shops and sites are loaded with baseball-themed gift options for baseball fans to celebrate this American pastime. So what gifts should be drafted for your first-round pick? What gifts should be cast out to left field? How do you scout baseball gifts for a boyfriend? With a little coaching, you won't find yourself striking out in the gift department.


Age Appropriate

If you’re shopping for a kid ages 6 to 18, then you’re shopping baseball gifts for kids who play the sport — whether it’s little league or varsity baseball. Think on equipment you can never have too much of (like baseballs to toss around). Or consider adding to the stash of home equipment for practicing with Dad.


Just a Fan

For everyone else in the stands, your guy is simply a fan of baseball. Consider a run to his local sporting goods store to check out the sports memorabilia as potential baseball gifts for him.


Team Player

Perhaps the most important question to ask before pitching a gift idea, you need to know your baseball fan’s favorite team. At first it may seem obvious — just go by location. But some regions have more than one team, like the New York City area, and there’s always the random Yankees fan who now lives in New England. Getting the team wrong would be a rookie mistake. Ask if you don’t know or check his Facebook feed for clues.


To the Ballgame

Your boyfriend may be glued to the TV come spring with the start of baseball. If sitting on the sofa watching long games is not your favorite pastime, consider baseball gifts for your boyfriend that let you both get out and enjoy the sport — like tickets to the ballpark.


Record Keeper

Think about gifts that help him record his favorite baseball moments — like a journal for scribbling down memories of going to a game with Dad or where he was for the World Series.


Memory Lane

Keep in mind your guy’s personal style when choosing baseball gifts for him. You know he wouldn’t be jazzed about the memorabilia at the ballpark gift shop (or maybe you asked and he scoffed at the idea). Then scope out nostalgic gifts with a throwback style that does feel like him. Even a vintage baseball tee could win him over.


Stadium Made

Think beyond baseball gear, as the perfect baseball-themed gifts could be a wearable accessory (like a wallet or cufflinks) or an accent for your home (like an art print) that is made from materials gathered from a baseball stadium. With a little searching you can score gifts made with everything from baseball mitt leather to stadium seats.


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