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7 Ways to Compose Gifts that Play to Your Musician's Heart

Musicians often play to their own tune when it comes to everything from style to work hours. (Hey, if you feel inspired to jam, it may not be in the 9-to-5 window!) From a nonconformist bass player to some rockin drummer, you may be feeling out-of-tune with what to get as gifts for musicians. Start by riffing on what you do know: your musician loves music. We've got the tips for shopping the best gifts for musicians. Then jump in with presents to please the whole band.


Music Tastes

Before gifting any music to add to their collection, know what types of music (and specific bands) are true-blue favorites. Snoop around playlists on their iPod, check what CDs are in the stereo or what’s on their Pandora queue. Think on ways to give your musician unlimited access to exploring music, like giving a Spotify or Amazon Prime subscription.


Main Instrument

Whether it’s the guitar or oboe, know what instrument is your musician’s main bread-and-butter, and then pop over to a local musical instrument shop. Some instruments need accessories and upkeep (from reeds to being restrung) that can get pricey — helpful gift idea! Get advice on what could be a practical gift for your musician (new set of guitar picks?).


Sound Box

The go-to gifts that surround musicians with music at all times — like portable speakers and headphones — are still crowd pleasers. Just be sure to find out what they already own. Short of becoming a groupie, talking to your musician’s significant other can help the cause.


Longtime Idol

One way to come up with unique gifts for musicians is finding out who inspires them. Is there a musician who’s stood out as a longtime idol? Short of talking to your musician, you can ask family. Then think on a book, poster print, or memento related to that musical genius. (The marketplace Etsy often has indie art and memorabilia around famous bands and musicians.)


Social Stream

Musicians are creative professionals who most certainly know their way around a Facebook feed or share backstage snaps on their Instagram. Follow and snoop and you shall find some clues into what they’re loving, what they’re dissing, and what could be a rockin’ gift idea.  


Past Present

The saying, “do what you love”, certainly applies to musicians who listen to everything under the sun and love live music. Ask your musician’s besties about past shows that he couldn’t stop talking about — maybe there’s memorabilia from the show you could find as a gift. Or think to the future. The best gifts for musicians include tickets to experience the next show on tour.


On the Road

Think beyond the headphones and ways us non-musicians travel. Because after all, musicians are creating music. Chances are, they’re heading to a studio, collaborating at their friend’s place, or touring around and need gear to save and backup their musical melodies. You can even find pocket-size drives for your recording musician.


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