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Pinpoint the Perfect Gift Valentine’s Day Gifts for a New Girlfriend

It’s tricky business deciding what to give your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Obviously, you want to give something seriously stellar or you wouldn’t be reading this. But, how exactly do you find the best valentine gift for your girlfriend? Well, it starts with doing a little observation, followed by some soul searching, followed by...reading the tips below and doing what we say (seriously, we think about this stuff all day and all night). Whether you want to show her that she’s all you’ve ever hoped for, or you want to keep things casual...we’ve got you covered. Just look for the tip that fits your situation and we’ll show you the path to a happy Valentine’s Day for all.


You want to keep things casual

She’s special and you know it, but you’re still wanting to keep things casual for now. How do you show her that you care without leading her on to think that you want more than is already happening? If you don’t want her to think that you see a long-term future with her, you’ve got to stick with traditional, generic, and practical gifts. Definitely DO NOT give her anything in a ring or jewelry jewelry at all. Seriously. Don’t torture her. And definitely do not spend a lot of money on your gift. Chocolates or a gift that is practical for her to use but also colored red or pink (a la Valentine’s Day) is a good call. Headphones for hitting the gym, a travel mug for her commute, you get the point. Oh and, avoid gifts that relate to her spending the night, too.


You’re ready to commit already

The first time you saw her smile you knew you were done for. She makes you feel all the feels and is your total dream girl. The only problem is that she is slow to show that she’s on the same page. You don’t want to push too much. If it’s meant to be, she’ll come around...and soon! So how to do find the perfect gift for her? Definitely show her that you mean business. That doesn’t mean proposing or even giving her jewelry. This is another time when jewelry is off limits! You’re better off giving her something romantic, reflective of how well you know her and what you love about her uniqueness. Do you love that she loves to write? Get her something to help her do that more! Don’t make it too generic with flowers or candy. Even some personalized gifts can feel like cop outs. Don’t go there unless you’re sure she’ll LOVE it. Stay focused on what makes her, well, her, and that also makes you happy she’s in your life.  


You both feel the vibes, big time

Cupid’s arrow has struck a bullseye! It’s been long enough that you both are feeling serious long-term commitment vibes and may have even been talking about it. This relationship could be THE ONE and you don’t want to mess it up. Stay cool, but connect with this amazing lady. By now you’ve had lots of dates, conversations, experiences, and connections. Use those as fodder for finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend. Do you love sweeping her off her feet? Spoil her with something she’s been dying for! Do you love making coffee and sitting on the patio with your robes on in the morning? Update your game! Think about what you love sharing together and up the that into the beautiful future you envision and make it reality. Or, if you’re feeling really, really sure...maybe get down on one knee and make it official!


You just met, seriously, like your first date was yesterday

She had you at, “hello” and then she said, “yes” to a first date! Woo hoo! Now you need to keep her around because you’re feeling good vibes but it’s too soon for anything serious. This is when you play it safe. Sure, some girls would love a sweeping romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day after the first date. Never put your names up on the marquee at the big game two dates in to your relationship unless you are 100% sure that she’d think that was killer! Instead, keep it simple. You don’t know too much about her yet so a gift that will help you get to know her is a good way to go. There are lots of games out there now to choose from. Or, give her something simple and practical but not cold (heart shaped earbuds vs deodorant). Another way to go is an experience gift certificate. Learn something new or do something new together to see how you both handle it. No matter what you choose, make sure that it seems to truly come from you. No girl likes getting a gift that you just grabbed off the shelf without thinking. Give her a reason why you go the gift to help her feel special because she is!


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