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5 Tips to Score Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Fiancé or Fiancée

She said, “yes!”. You’ve set a date. You go together like bubbles and a bath. What can you say? You’re on your way to a wonderful future together and you want to celebrate it! Every. Chance. You. Get. Forget what your bitter, lonely friends say, Valentine’s Day is an awesome holiday made for people just like you and your boo. Show him or her that they are the one that lights your fire unlike anyone, ever. We’ve got some hints to help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for fiancés (male or female).


Heat things up

You’ve got sparks flying like crazy, so how do you rev things up even more? Introduce something steamy and new to your love life like a painting made by rolling around on the floor together...yes, it’s real! Or, personalize a romance novel with you two as the leads and read it aloud to each other at bed time. And, there are copious amounts of games both tame and raunchy to keep the 3-alarm fire burning. Another fun angle is to look for personalized photo or word art that shows off your sexy sides. We’re not talking about naked selfies...unless that’s your thing (we’re not judging!). We’re talking about funny sayings possibly accenting one of your fav photos.


Nest, baby, nest

You’re starting your life together and since you’re “starting” you probably need lots of stuff. Now is a great time to give yourselves something special that you’ll use to cuddle or otherwise indulge in the everyday moments together. That could be a big cozy couch, an espresso machine, matching robes, beautiful linens, or a wind chime. Whatever you cherish or want to be part of  your life-long love ritual...give yourselves something to class it up! You deserve it!


Go for the gold

This is a time when it is a 100% safe bet to buy jewelry for your for Valentine’s Day. Find a piece of jewelry that reflects their style or a favorite memory that you have together. Consider their lifestyle, like, when or where they’ll wear it and how often. Be sure to know what length or size they wear. Snooping in their treasure box (jewelry box or dish) should help you find the size. Also be sure to choose colors that you know they love. This is another time when snooping in their closet will do you right. Look for colors that show up a lot, or a piece that you know they love to wear often and match it! Cufflinks are classic men’s jewelry, but make sure he has shirts to carry them. If not, maybe now is the time to buy him one or two in his size as well. A watch is always useful and lends itself to some pretty romantic messages along with it a la I love you till the end of time. Dazzle them like they dazzle you...with a shining piece of jewelry that they’ll have forever.


Go on a 1st date all over again (for the 1st time)

One of the best things about falling in love is, well, falling in love! It might have happened slowly, it might have come on like a fire. Whichever way your love got started, chances are you made a lot of memories along the way. Research says that making new memories actually helps couples stay together longer and remain happy for longer, too. So, make it a regular Valentine’s Day (and more often if you can) treat to go on a 1st date and do something you’ve never done before. With sites like Groupon and our own collection of experiences from tasting and walking tours to high-octane adventures to classes where you literally learn how to do or make something new, you will never run out of things to do. It’s really not important whether you have fun or not, although that does help, it’s the ability for you to reminisce and talk about it afterward for years to come that make it awesome. Start an album or video log of all of your new experiences for quick reference later on. You’ll love looking back at during the duller moments throughout the year(s).


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