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Essential Guide to Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Whether you're perpetually punctual or a lifelong procrastinator, time is sometimes not your friend. At some point, we all experience the face-slap realization that, oops, you need a gift right away. During the holiday haze it's easy to fall beyond on the shopping list, or maybe you simply forgot about a birthday or hostess gift - and you don't want to show up without a gift in hand. Don't push the panic button, as we have last-minute gift ideas for everyone. Find your speediest gifts right here.


Splurge on a special lesson

From golf lessons to learning to fly, consider last-minute gift ideas that give your loved one some real skills.


Set up a subscription that's just for fun

Magazine subscriptions make easy last-minute gift ideas to finish off your Christmas list. For grownups, consider a niche magazine that makes a good read every month. Kids can get their own age-appropriate magazines, too - and getting mail makes any day feel like Christmas for a child.


Give the gift of adventure

You have less than a week to go, but that doesn't mean you must settle for a gift that's less than thrilling. Choose last-minute gift ideas that are one-click away from a planned rafting trip, car race, or other adventure.


Cruise into a gift at the last minute

Impress loved ones with the gift of a cruise ride. It's a last-minute gift that will turn into a long-lasting memory.


Think about their favorite foods

Look for yummy options from pie to pizza to deliver their foodie cravings to their door.


Give a gift that keeps on giving

Monthly club memberships make perfect last-minute gift ideas that won't look like an afterthought. Give anything from flowers to neckties and you'll be sending some love this holiday, next month, and beyond.

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