Gifts for Teenage Boys

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Ultra Fast-Dry Towel
$34.95 @ Thegrommet
PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer
$59.95 @ ItsThoughtful
Flexible Tablet Stand
$39.95 @ Thegrommet
Name & Interests Canvas
$37.99 @ Thepersonalizationco
Happy Birthday Gift Tower
$39.99 @ GourmetGiftBaskets
Pizza Of The Month Club
$179.85 @ AmazingClubs
Cake Of The Month Club
$83.85 @ AmazingClubs
Jerky Of The Month Club
$83.85 @ AmazingClubs
Adventure Gifts
$95.00 @ cloud9living
Custom Vinyl Record
$175.00 @ ItsThoughtful
Zip Lining Experiences
$65.00 @ cloud9living
Alligator Skin Money Clip
$69.99 @ Yoderleather
Tandem Skydiving
$250.00 @ cloud9living
Personalized Voice Art
$75.00 @ VoiceArtGallery
Personalized Star Map
$45.00 @ Underluckystars
Birthday Care Package
$49.99 @ GourmetGiftBaskets
Sea Glass Cairn Necklace
$52.00 @ Uncommongoods

Editors Notes

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Gifts for teen boys

Here’s how we break down the incredibly complicated task of shopping for gifts for teen boys. Here’s how we break down the incredibly complicated task of shopping for gifts for teen boys. We see a lot of searches for gifts for teen boys come our way. But, certain searches show up more than others. That’s how we know these are the times when people really need our help in finding the perfect gift. Read on to see if what you’re looking for falls into one of our most asked for scenarios.


Unique gifts for teen boys

If there were one word to describe all teenagers, it would be “unique”. They are all trying to find their own statement, be their own person, find their own way to make a mark on the world and stand out. They change their minds and try new things more often than anyone can keep track of. So, if you want to find cool gifts for teen boys then you can’t try to pinpoint whatever he’s into at the moment. You have to show him something new; something he hasn’t seen before. It’s always better to skew older, rather than younger. Get him something that will help him feel like he’s growing up, something that might teach him a skill that will be useful as an adult. Or, give him something that lets him express his creativity in a new way. Just don’t box him in with anything you think is trendy and he’ll appreciate the effort.


Birthday gifts for teen boys

Whether they’re turning 13 or 19, they are going to be a tough audience to win over with a gift. Birthday gifts for teen boys can be super challenging to get right. That’s why we like to suggest giving something that you were into when you were a teenager (if you’re older than he is). You can tell him about what it was like for you to be a teen and share something that inspired you at that special time of life. If you’re not much older or don’t feel comfortable sharing your own past, go with something that he can put at his desk like a cool desk accessory or a book of reasons you think he’s awesome.


Gifts for young teen boys

Boys that are just entering their teen years have a lot to learn and a lot of hormones getting in the way of it. The best thing you can do is give them gifts that they will feel honor their path toward becoming an adult. If they’re more on the silly side, a fun game or something else that will make them laugh, is another solid option. If they have a favorite team, score a gift that helps them show their team spirit.


Personalized gifts for teenage guys

One of the easiest gifts to pick up for a teenage guy is a personalized gift. At this age, they love seeing their name on things. It makes them feel official, more grown up, like they are taking ownership of something, and it shows that you feel that way about them. Whether it’s a personalized leather bound book of the history of comics, or a personalized gold record, there are tons of personalized options that will show them that they are making their place in the world...starting now.  


Valentine’s gifts for teenage guys

Whether he’s your sweetheart or your son, Valentine’s Day gifts for teenage guys are so much fun to shop for. They get easily embarrassed so only go for something seriously romantic or mushy if you want to make them blush...and give it in private so that they aren’t embarrassed in front of their peers. There are some really cool books on reasons why you think they’re awesome, or why you love being their mom that we love. A little less mushy than that is naming a star for him. He can geek out over the astronomy behind the gift and also love that it was named for him. Choose a star name that isn’t too romantic, but encapsulates a special memory for the two of you.


Gift ideas for teenage son

If he’s your son, you know his sweetest side and his biggest challenges. You know who he is beyond the trends that he’s latching on to today. Go with with what you know instead of his passion of the week and you’ll get a smile in return. Help him remember how special he has always been and always will be. We love the books that you can fill out with reason why you love him or why you love being his mom or dad. But, we also love gifts for teenage sons that honor the things that have always made him happy, light up.

Expert Tips

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How to Choose Cool Gifts for Teenage Guys
Teenage boys are coming of age, which means they're developing new interests and abandoning some of the old. They're not kids anymore, but they're not quite adults either. They're in maturity limbo! Here are some great ways to think about buying gifts for the teenage dudes in your life.

Appeal to his musical side
So many teenage boys want to be rock stars it's become a cliché. But there's nothing silly about encouraging musical skills. A musical instrument, state-of-the-art headphones, or even a concert T-shirt are bound to be a mega-hit.

Get sporty
Whether he's into hockey, baseball, football, basketball, or even tennis, there's an accessory or a portable game set that's perfect for your teenage boy. At a loss? Get him something to wear with his team's favorite logo.

Accessorize him
The stylish teen cares about his look, from outfit to accessories. A cool wallet, a youthful belt, or a sharp tie or cuff-links for formal events make cool gifts for teenage boys. Or appeal to another sense - his sense of smell, with a bottle of cologne.

Be a techie
Lots of teenage boys are into cool gadgets, but most already have smartphone, tablets, and iPods. Get original with a GoPro, a WiFi camera, or a quality speaker. On a lower budget. A charging station or an iPad case are always come in handy.

Incentivize studying
A funky desk lamp, a wacky paper weight, or an incredible pen make school work (a little) more fun.

Keep him organized
Teenage boys aren't known for their organizational abilities. A cool key chain, a desk organization system, or something to keep his wardrobe under wraps is a start.

Be funny?or gross
A mug, welcome mat, or T-shirt emblazoned with a silly saying or something that appeals to his inner child is a cool gift for any teenage boy.

Go for the comfort factor
A comfy chair for gaming, a cozy sweatshirt, a cushiony blanket - all of these things are great gifts for the casual teen who loves to chill out.

Gift Guides

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When teenage boys were little, they were easier to figure out in many ways. They loved lining up cars in neat rows, wrestling and giggling with you (more! more!), and teasing sister (on repeat). You step into murkier waters once your little dude turns into a teenager. Then, what he likes is less clear — in part because teenagers don't share very much with grownups. So where does that leave you with a gift? Here's your get-unstuck guide to shopping for him.

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