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The Boyfriend Question: Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
Finding a great present for your boyfriend can mean striking the right balance of romantic, fun, and not-too-serious. It may not be a wedding anniversary, but you still want to mark the occasion in a meaningful way. Here are some things to consider when pondering the best anniversary gift ideas for him.

Dig into his past
We're not suggesting snooping! Just a little nostalgia trip. Maybe you'll find his very first CD on vinyl for him or a an homage to toys he used to love to play with as a kid (aw...he was a kid once!). Whatever the specifics, celebrating his childhood is always a good move.

Take a trip
Whether it's a 3-day island getaway or one night in a hotel in the town next to yours, getting away for an evening to celebrate is a perfect anniversary gift idea for him that always inspires romance and memorable moments.

Fix it
Does he have a dull kitchen knife or a car with AC that never works? Fix those problems! Taking care of life's to-do list and making his days smoother is always a wonderful way to show love.

Dress him up
Every man should have? a go-to tie, a sharp blazer, an everyday belt that goes with all outfits. Think about what his closet lacks and invest in an essential piece that fits his style. It's a thoughtful and practical anniversary gift idea for him.

Plan an experience
Maybe he's always wanted to fly a helicopter or learn to trapeze. Book a day for the two of you to try a new activity together - adventures are big bonding experiences, and he'll appreciate the effort.

Recreate a memory
Return to the scene of your first date and walk through each step of the evening, or simply revisit an amazing night from your past together. Celebrating the beautiful moments you've had will highlight why you're still together. Here's to more amazing anniversaries.

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