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Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Why I Love You Book
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Beer Of The Month Club
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Adventure Gifts
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Hot Sauce Of The Month Club
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Sounds Of The Sea Bells
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Coffee Of The Month Club
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Around The World Beer Bucket
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Romantic Love Coupons
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Why I Love You Book
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Special Dates Personalized Canvas
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Variety Of The Month Club
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Sexy Coupon Book
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Golf Ball Markers
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Zip Lining Experiences
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Voice Art
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Food & Wine Experiences
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Mens Personalized Spa Robe
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Leather Dopp Kit
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Whiskey Barrel
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Learn To Fly
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:I Love Us Personalized Photo Puzzle
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Heart Photo Puzzle
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Photo Collage Frame
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Star Map
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Overnight Getaways
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Photo Shelf Blocks Set
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Silver Engraved Cuff Links
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:1 Acre Of Land On Planet Mars
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Jerky Of The Month Club
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Fishing And Camping Cooler Chair
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Letter In A Bottle
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Hidden Message Collar Stays
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Whitewater Rafting
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Indoor Tabletop Party Grill
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Coupon Booklet
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:BBQ Sauce Of The Month Club
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Lunch & Dinner Cruises
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Romantic Wall Plaque
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Hooked On You Fishing Lure
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Romantic Picture Frames
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Custom Vinyl Record
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Silver Fortune Cookie
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Helicopter Tours
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Love Is Art Kit
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Romantic Mug Set
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Race A Ferrari
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Poetry Sculpture
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Titanium Rings From Your Voice!
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Milestone Dates Keepsake
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Carved In Love Picture Frame -..
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Memory Lane Personalized Canvas
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Romantic Keepsake Wood Postcard
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:My Heart To Yours Couple Mugs
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Home State Canvas
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Our Love Story Picture Frame
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Basswood Wall Art Sign - Rustic..
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Acre Of Land On The Moon
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Framed Art- Love Birch Tree
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Cheese Of The Month Club
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch From Photos
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Timeless Love Engraved Diamond Mens Watch
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized 14 Throw Pillow - Romantic..
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Couples Pillowcases
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized BBQ Grill Set
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Photo Frame
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Couples Fleece Blanket
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Ice Cream Of The Month
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Custom Fingerprint Cufflinks
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Quiz Book For Couples
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Framed Art - Deserted Island
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Custom Map Coasters
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Daily Dose Of Your Love
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Amazon Echo
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:What I Love About You Journal
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Perfect Drink App (Smart Bartending)
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:DJ System For IPad
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Portable Charcoal Grill
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Custom Date Newspaper Book
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Urban Cheesecraft: Dairy-Free DIY Cheese Kit
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Daily Dose Of Your Love
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Custom Map Money Clip
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Keepsake
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:JamStik (Guitar For Your IPad)
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Name A Star
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Wine Tasting Experiences
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Photo Canvas Print
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Tic-Tac-Toe Hearts 12x12 Wooden Shiplap Sign
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Electronic Wine Decanter
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Special Place Map Coasters
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Custom Fingerprint Cufflinks
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Presidents Choice Cheesecake Sampler
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized You Name It Frames
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Chopsticks
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:The Barista Coffee Machine
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Wireless Key Finder
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Heated & Cooled Seat Cushion
Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend:Blunt Umbrella


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What is a good anniversary gift for boyfriend?

Well, honestly, only you can answer that. But, we’ll help you think through the process so that you can uncover the perfect gift for your beau.


What are good one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend?

You’ve been dating your boyfriend for a whole year! That’s definitely a milestone worth celebrating. But how? Do something big that you’ve always wanted to do together. Take a trip or learn about or try something new to keep the vibe fresh. Honor the past year by making a memory book, photo album, or get a customized book of the newspaper from the day you officially became an item.


What are the best anniversary gifts for boyfriend?

First of all, boyfriends don’t want to get the heart shaped keychain featuring a photo from your last vacation.Okay, yours might. But generally speaking boyfriends prefer gifts that are less showy of emotion and more deep or useful. So, when you’re thinking about what to get your boyfriend for your anniversary think about something that already means something to him. For example: plan a bike ride that stops at some of your favorite breweries and parks and get him a bike accessory that will give you both more reasons to ride together.


What are some unique anniversary gifts for boyfriend?

Go beyond the standard framed photo. Print a favorite photo of you together on a canvas, cooking apron or shoot even a beach towel! Make it something special for your boyfriend to use and look at to remember how unique you and your relationship are. Is your boyfriend a big reader? Give him a leather bound version of his favorite book! Give him something uniquely personalized like a bottle opener featuring a handle made of a map centered on the location where you met. Yup, that’s a thing and we’ve got it! We’ve got loads of unique gifts for your boyfriend whether it’s your first or 14th anniversary.


How do you choose 5 year anniversary gifts for boyfriend?

5 years have passed since you started dating...this is something seriously strong and steady. In those five years there have surely been ups and downs, but it’s how you power through that makes your bond one that will last for the long haul. That also means you know how to celebrate each other, your milestones, and your little moments to keep that fire burning. For your fifth anniversary gift for boyfriend take a cooking class or learn how to do something else totally out of your normal realm of conversation. Whether you enjoy it or not, you’ll enjoy talking about it for years to come! Or upgrade something you love doing together at home, like get a new camera or a new set of kitchen knives. Whatever it is, it should be something you’ll use a lot together making new memories.


Should you buy anniversary baskets for him?

This is tricky territory but the short answer is yes! Don’t get him a pink, frilly spa basket unless he’s into his bubble baths. But there are loads of man friendly baskets these days. You can scoop up anything from caviar kits to beer buckets to fishing supplies. Whatever gift basket you choose, it should be something meant for you to share together to make a new memory. Don’t send your boyfriend off to do his own thing for your anniversary. After all its your anniversary too! Save those gifts for his birthday or another holiday that lets you celebrate him for the one-of-a-kind guy he is. Your anniversary is all about you two being together, so make sure your gift emphasizes that whether it’s a basket or anything else.

Expert Tips

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The Boyfriend Question: Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Finding a great present for your boyfriend can mean striking the right balance of romantic, fun, and not-too-serious. It may not be a wedding anniversary, but you still want to mark the occasion in a meaningful way. Here are some things to consider when pondering the best anniversary gift ideas for him.


Dig into his past

We're not suggesting snooping! Just a little nostalgia trip. Maybe you'll find his very first CD on vinyl for him or a an homage to toys he used to love to play with as a kid (aw...he was a kid once!). Whatever the specifics, celebrating his childhood is always a good move.


Take a trip

Whether it's a 3-day island getaway or one night in a hotel in the town next to yours, getting away for an evening to celebrate is a perfect anniversary gift idea for him that always inspires romance and memorable moments.


Fix it

Does he have a dull kitchen knife or a car with AC that never works? Fix those problems! Taking care of life's to-do list and making his days smoother is always a wonderful way to show love.


Dress him up

Every man should have? a go-to tie, a sharp blazer, an everyday belt that goes with all outfits. Think about what his closet lacks and invest in an essential piece that fits his style. It's a thoughtful and practical anniversary gift idea for him.


Plan an experience

Maybe he's always wanted to fly a helicopter or learn to trapeze. Book a day for the two of you to try a new activity together - adventures are big bonding experiences, and he'll appreciate the effort.


Recreate a memory

Return to the scene of your first date and walk through each step of the evening, or simply revisit an amazing night from your past together. Celebrating the beautiful moments you've had will highlight why you're still together. Here's to more amazing anniversaries.


Personalize it

Give him something a little bit personal. Well, not exactly, just personalize something he can put on his wall, in his space, or even take with him wherever he goes! Add your initials separated by a heart, spell out your names, a special date, or a certain meaningful location…whatever customization is available and feels right, go for it! He’ll love that you had it made just for him.


Photo finish

Give something truly unique to you as a couple…a photo of you two together! Or, a photo of you for him to keep close when you’re not around. Whichever you choose you’ll find an endless assortment of ways to print it. Turn it into pop art, print it on a pillow, frame it, or engrave it!


Cuddle up

Give him something he can cuddle with while you’re with him and when you’re not. A cool throw blanket (wool striped blankets are all the rage right now) that’s just his style or a throw pillow, bath robe, cozy pajamas are good places to start.


Spruce up his space

He’s a dude, so he probably needs a little help making his space a little sweeter. Help him upgrade his space with a cool piece of art, candle holder, or designer décor. Just make sure that you match his current style. You don’t live there, yet! If you do…then still honor his tastes for your anniversary. Save that lamp you’ve been dying for another day.


Color him happy

What’s his favorite color? Get him a bunch of stuff that’s color coordinated to match his hue du jour. From a sweater to a bookmark to a keychain to a beer koozie, pick an eclectic collection and put it all in a matching colored storage bin or box for a fun presentation.


Model behavior

Is he obsessed with race cars or motorcycles or designer furniture or famous buildings? Whatever he’s obsessed with (that he’ll most likely never be able to purchase, or at least not for a while) get him a scale model version. 57 Chevy, Eames chair, Empire State Building, the Millennium Falcon, Neuschwanstein Castle, and just about anything else you can think of comes in model, or LEGO, form. Treat him to his (mini) dream!


Fire it up

Keep things hot. Literally! Give him something that will fire him up like grill gear, a fire pit or anywhere fireplace, hot sauce of the month club or even a ghost pepper eating game. If he’s into hot stuff and you want to spice up your relationship, then this is a fun and unexpected way to go. You get the idea. Light his fire.


Get sporty

Is he a gym buff or loves playing on the local league sports team? Do you like going with him and cheering him on or playing along with him? Get him something to show you love his sporty side!


Satisfy his stomach

Let’s face it, guys are easily persuaded via their stomachs. If you want to lock down this dude for the long haul, give him something delicious! It can be a gift basket, a tasty local treat, a special dinner (hello Omakase!), or something lovingly homemade.  Treat his tummy and he’ll stay happy.


Get busy (not like THAT!)

Snatch up a cool DIY kit and do a project together! Make sure it’s something that you think he might be interested in and include a date to complete it together in your card. Design your own terrarium, make beer bread, craft your own candles, age your own whiskey or find another kit that suits your relationship. You’ll both never forget the adventure even if the results aren’t spectacular.


Build his library

Books may be old fashioned to some, but a finely curated collection is something everyone should have at home. Think about his interests, hobbies, or style and get him a coffee table book, novel, or both, for him to peruse at home when he needs a break from screen time. Get yourself a copy of the novel, too, and read it together!


Get Playful

We are lucky to live in a time when there are so many fun games to play, and new ones coming on the scene faster than we can count! Get one, two, or more, games for you two to play together to keep things simple and fun. Games help you spend more quality time together  at home without being bored. Be sure to choose games that he will be able to win occasionally! i.e. if he’s not into sports, don’t get a sports trivia game!



You’ve been together long enough to know that he’s got a silly side and loves his PDA. So, get him a gift that you can have, too. We’re talking about matching shirts, matching keychains, matching anything at all that you can use apart, but that gets maximum entertainment value when you’re together.


Stake your claim

He’s yours and you want to make sure he knows it, too! Of course he does, silly. But you can still have fun by getting him a hilarious gift that says, “property of …”, “Sorry, ladies, I’m taken.” or something similar so that he knows that you’re ready to be exclusively dating just him because he’s the one that stole your heart.

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