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Gardening Gift Ideas:Personalized Garden Stones - Our Family
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How to Dig in and Unearth Great Gifts for Green-Thumbs

It's safe to say people who garden have no shortage of patience. Gardeners dig, plant, water, observe, water and wait some more, until one day (hooray!), a sprout pops out of the soil. Then the miracle happens - their cared-for garden grows and grows with budding flowers, hearty heirlooms, and quarts of veggies ripe for the picking. If you, however, are not gifted with a green thumb, you may feel like a faded bloom digging for ideas for gardening gifts. Here's how to plant ideas so everything's coming up roses!


Botanical Themes

It’s safe to assume that gardening enthusiasts love botanical designs from ferns and flowers to bees and butterflies. Search out accessories for her home or even games with botanical themes (Bird Bingo, anyone?) as gardening gifts for her that feel like a natural fit.


Neat and Tidy

Just because your gardener enjoys digging in dirt doesn’t means she likes disorder and mess. If you’re scoping out gardening gifts for mom, be sure to ask dad if she already owns a gardening apron, kneeling pad, and utility tote to keep her tools in order. Or check out the shed for clues on what gear she’s missing.


Start from Seeds

Gardeners have an impressive green thumb when you consider they start plants, fruits, and vegetables from tiny seeds. Think on practical gardening gifts for her —like stylish plant markers — that clear up what’s coming up in the veggie bed. To hunt down heirloom seeds, check out seed saving organizations.    


Terra Cotta

There are certain pairings that simply go together. Terra cotta and gardening have a relationship that goes back centuries. From planters for the garden to vases for cut blooms, search shops and catalogs for gardening gifts made with this clay material.   


Heirloom Finds

Do a little sleuthing to find out what essentials mom owns for gardening. She probably has a watering can, but is it a basic plastic one? Think on Mother’s Day gardening gifts that feel like heirlooms to last a lifetime — like a sturdy metal watering can.


Snap Worthy

He’s so darn proud of that garden. Bring in the family on a group email (or some secret Facebook IMing) to put together gardening gifts for dad as a group gift — and shower him with love. Maybe it’s time to consider some photography gear for him to snap pics of his prized tomatoes.


Right Fit

Wearable accessories for the garden are common gardening gifts for him or her. But how can you be sure on fit? For garden clogs and wellies, follow the brand’s sizing charts to choose the right size. For example, the iconic brand of rubber boots, Hunter, advises going with the same shoe size since their boots are designed with extra space for socks. Each brand will be different, so check their FAQ before ordering.


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