Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandmother

Our gift experts have curated 257 unique and thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for grandmother

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Thoughtful Guide to Very Merry Gift Ideas for Grandmom

Grandparents have the uncanny ability to sincerely welcome any present that comes their way, even crayon scribbles on a slip of paper labeled as a gift for Grandma. Deep down, you want holiday gift ideas for grandparents that truly impress and honor the amazing role they play in all of your lives. Plan ahead this Christmas, so you can surprise grandma with gifts she'll love - including finds to help her feel part of the everyday moments in her grandkids' lives. That's all they really want, after all.


Give a trip down memory lane

Play family historian when planning gift ideas for grandmothers. You can create a customized family tree to hang on the wall. Or sit down with grandma to share stories for a recordable storybook, as a keepsake to cherish and pass down. 


Earn her even more bragging rights

For the perfect holiday gift ideas for grandmas present something personalized - think frames or even photo canvas art. Fill frames with recent photos or the grandchildren's artwork, so they can show off those adorable, talented grandkids.


Help Grandma feel close, even if she's far away

Surprise Grandma with a sweet, personalized necklace with her grandkids' initials (or a locket with photos). She'll wear it close to her heart and feel more connected.


Think about what they love to do

When you're thinking about gift ideas for grandmothers, remember they have other interests besides their sweeter-than-pie grandkids. Gift travel accessories to Grandma who loves to decamp somewhere warm for the winter. Or, give her a fun gift that riffs on her favorite game or activity.


Give gifts for enjoying lazy mornings

Grandmoms have earned weekend mornings with nothing to do but read the paper with their coffee. Think of gift ideas for grandmas that help them laze around - like an upgraded coffeemaker or slip-on slippers.


Present a sweet surprise

Scout gift ideas for grandmoms to indulge their sweet tooth, especially with her love of chocolate. Or give Grandmom a special cookie jar for her infamous chocolate chip cookies (hopefully she'll share that top-secret recipe!).

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