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Essential Guide to a Stellar 9th Anniversary Gift

You've been married long enough that anniversary gift shopping might leave you stumped. After eight years of gifts, what's left to give? Well, luckily there's a little bit of tradition to hang your hat on. Mix that with a little bit of imagination and you're on your way to finding 9th anniversary gifts that will make your eyes sparkle like when you first met.


Go Traditional

The traditional ninth anniversary gifts are gifts of pottery or copper and that might leave you feeling just as confused as ever. But consider different things that you can use around the house and then think about whether you can get them made out of pottery or copper. Need new coffee mugs? Buy a planted tree and put it in a copper or pottery pot and watch it grow together.


Go Modern

The modern alternative to copper or pottery is leather and that can take you in a lot of directions from something you wear like a jacket to something you use like luggage or a wallet. Fine leather can be pricey so scope it out before you commit.


Go Down Memory Lane

A leather bound collection of images of you two canoodling through the years could be an adorable and tear-jerking trip down memory lane. Or take all of the scraps from your honeymoon and finally put them in an album.


Go Big

Charter a boat for an afternoon sail or a hot air balloon for a drift in the clouds and a champagne toast. There are lots of big experiences to be had that will show how big your love still is.


Go Small

Jewelry is always a fun gift to give. Scan their existing collection or think about the pieces that they wear all the time. Is there a theme in style, shape or color? Use that as a guide and get something that compliments what they already have.


Go Away

Forget the stuff angle and make a new memory together instead. Choose to do something new in town or escape to a hotel room or bed and breakfast. No matter what you do you'll make a new memory and strengthen your bond.

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