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8 Ways to Find the Sweetest 16th Birthday Gifts

Sweet 16 is a long-awaited birthday, yet it's tough to crack what teenagers want - beyond getting noticed by a certain crush. Mark the big milestone with gifts for 16-year-olds that tap into what teens love, including what 16-year-olds finally get to do (#drive). Find the ultimate gifts for 16-year-olds, and you'll be set to celebrate a super sweet 16.


Accessorize that license to drive

It's the birthday that means you finally get to drive! Shine the high beams on how major that is. Think about accessories for the new driver - like a cool key chain or a wallet for holding that newly minted driver's license (or permit.)


Move to their own tune

You may not share the same music taste, but your teen sure loves to rock out. Give gifts for 16-year-olds that amplify their love of music, from a jamming speaker to noise-cancelling headphones.


Think outside the box

Everyone loves a good surprise - even moody teenagers. Think about 16 words to describe your 16-year-old and then pick up small gifts to match. Imagine the fun of opening all those boxes!


Channel their teen spirit

From athletes to avid campers, 16-year-olds know how to play hard. Clue into their interests with special gear or something personalized, like a blanket that shows off their team's colors.


Say goodbye to the teenybopper stage

Gone are the young teen days of plastering bedroom walls with fan posters. Your maturing 16-year-old is probably due for a re-decorating moment, like an art print or framed snap of her squad.


Charm with jewelry

You can never go wrong with something sparkly. Jewelry gifts for 16-year-olds feel extra special because she's old enough for a piece of fine jewelry.


Make it personal

Give a personalized gift that simply expresses how your 16-year-old is loved. Any photo-themed gift is a sentimental favorite for recording memories (then posting to social media, of course).


Give them what they want

Give a gift that pokes fun at how teenagers want their space. You could even give a natural acre of land on the moon (the ultimate space to hide away for a while!).

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