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How to Land the Best Gifts for Pilots

Any job where you fly through the air is considered cool including anyone who's a pilot. What also holds true: pilots and aviation lovers are notoriously difficult to shop for. A pilot is used to being in control at the cockpit, but now you're in charge of surprising your high-flying hero with a first-class gift. Follow this direct route to finding gifts for any pilots or aviation enthusiasts.


Keeping Time

If you’re searching the best gifts for pilots, keep in mind those flying the friendly skies are in and out of time zones (faster than the rest of us do our grocery runs.) See if you can find out how your fave pilot keeps track of time. A new timekeeper makes a practical gift, since being on time is oh-so-important for pilots.


Over and Out

Pilots get to live out the fantasy of flying, and being in control of that cockpit of flashy buttons and controls. Think about something very 21st century in the gadget world — like drones with radio gear. Or ask about everyday gadgets that your pilot uses (like an extra headset.)


Sunshine Day

If you’re shopping for a pilot, keep in mind those aviators (meaning sunglasses) are likely taking a beating with so much traveling around — an extra pair would be most welcome. Snoop around to see if your pilot could use a nice case for those glasses, while they’re packed in the flight bag.


Tablet Happy

Houston, the iPad has landed in the cockpit. You can look into tablet accessories as gifts for pilots. Ask your ace flyer how the tablet gets used in flight, and you’ll get clues into which accessories would land you the perfect gift.


Flying High

Is your pilot also a flight instructor? Then think on gifts that make the job that much easier. Flight instructors must keep track of students’ flights with some kind of paper or digital log. Ask around to find out what your pilot is using to calculate flight times and all — then look for ways to keep your pilot in tip-top organization.


History Buffs

If you’re searching out gifts for aviation enthusiasts, then think about prints, blueprints, books, or even signs that feature airplanes or aviation motifs. You’ll need to know the person’s design style first. When in doubt, drop a hint that you saw the just-perfect blueprint of a jet plane, and see how your aviation enthusiast reacts.


Sensibility Wins

If you’re scouting gifts for flight instructors, look for gifts that combine a practical with fun as up-up-and-away the best way to go. Steer away from wine or liquor gifts for any pilots, which can feel inappropriate since they’re clocking in so many hours flying.  


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