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7 Tips to Finding the Best Gifts for Doctors, Stat!

Doctors cure ailments and perform surgical miracles, sometimes in rapid-fire ER rooms, and then move right on to help the next patient. What pressure! Gift shopping may not be a code-red emergency, but it sure feels like that holiday shopping lists needs urgent attention. If you have an MD in your life (and you want a cure for the what-to-buy blues), we're on call with the best gift ideas for doctors.


Specialty Please

A day in the life of a doctor will look very different between a pediatrician in a local practice and a heart surgeon at a hospital. Consider the type of doctor, their routine, and what gear they may bring to work — an on-call doctor in the ER will need a bag with essentials (like spare clothes and deodorant.) Or ask the doctor in your life about a typical work day.


Scrub Free

Think on ways to make home feel laid-back, comfy, and separate from the operating room. Once your doctor is back at home, he or she may want nothing to do with those scrubs. Luxe pajamas? Check.


Prescription For

A tongue-in-cheek gift for the doctor in your life could play on a prescription theme. What does your doctor need a prescription for? The crux of your gift could help “cure” the ailment. If your doc needs more me-time, then think on an experience gift (like a day of pampering) for your hardworking MD.


Long Hours

Think on practical gifts for medical doctors that make it easier to work through a double shift. You could help feed your doctor, with a stylish cooler packed with lunch gear or snacky foods. Because even when hunger strikes, no one wants to eat hospital food!


Artsy Anatomy

Does your doctor geek out on his profession? Does he like indie art, or does he always pick up a concert poster at shows? A browse online and you’ll find collections of artsy medical prints. If you’re shopping gift ideas for a doctor you love, (your better half), you could even look into an anatomy print that features the heart.


Medical Save

First comes medical school, then comes residency, then comes a whole lot of school debt to pay back. The best gifts for new doctors include ways to save money after all that schooling — even a grownup piggy bank with a starting stash of cash from mom and dad.


Not For Patients

Thank you gifts for your personal doctor may feel right, but many doctors feel uncomfortable accepting gifts from patients as a question of ethics. Stick to doctors gifts for friends, family, and co-workers.


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