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High School Graduation Gift Ideas:Sand Art
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A Superlative Guide to High School Graduation Gifts

To help make it easier for you to find incredible high school graduation gifts, we put together a guide based on the classic superlatives that are handed out at the senior breakfast or in the year book or final edition of the school newspaper. Find the one that matches your graduate and you're on your way to zeroing in on a high school graduation gift that will send them onward and upward.


Most Likely to be President

Find out their party affiliation and get them a youth membership, or find other politically charged gifts that will help them find their path to holding government office.


Most Likely to be a Millionaire

Prepare them for this long journey by getting them gear that will help them fake it till they make it. Or, get them something that will help them learn and discover their path to their mogul-dom.


Most Likely to Become Famous

These outspoken eccentrics love gifts that say a lot - maybe even their name, or a word that they're famous for saying (no curse words, though, please).


Most Likely to Travel the World

Inspire their passion for discovering new cultures and places with a gift that gets them there or shows them something they've never seen before.


Most Likely to Have the Perfect Family

These nest makers are all about settling down and can use gifts that make their first apartment feel like a home.


Most Likely to Win the Nobel Peace Prize

These crusaders are all about making educating the world and making a difference that truly helps make the world a better place. Send them off to a place where help is most needed or get them a gift that helps them learn about past Peace Prize winners' lives to find inspiration for their next steps.


Most Likely to be a Starving Artist

Anything that they can use to make stuff will be fun for them to play with as well as gifts that are from the fringe of anything that they have interests in. Maybe you can introduce them to something obscure from when you were younger? Who knows, it could be the inspiration that makes them famous.


Best School Spirit

Team spirit gear is super fun and easy to get. Find out their team colors, team name and have fun giving them a gift that will remind them of the good times routing on their team. School spirit gifts come in all shapes and sizes so you can find a gift that will go with them from home to work to wherever they like to spend their time.

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