Christmas Gifts for Girls

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Why I Love You Book
$49.95 @ Lovebookonline
Name & Interests Canvas
$37.99 @ Thepersonalizationco
Flexible Tablet Stand
$39.95 @ Thegrommet
Roll-Up Drum Kit
$69.95 @ Thegrommet
Kids 3 String Guitar
$79.00 @ Thegrommet
Name A Star
$19.99 @ LunarLand
DIY Computer Kit
$299.00 @ Thegrommet
Amazon Echo
$139.99 @ Amazon
Personalized Voice Art
$75.00 @ VoiceArtGallery
Kite With Flying Handle
$25.95 @ Thegrommet
3-In-1 Wagon
$399.00 @ Thegrommet
Letters To My Future Self
$14.95 @ ItsThoughtful
Anniversary Love Book
$49.95 @ Lovebookonline
Ultra Fast-Dry Towel
$34.95 @ Thegrommet
Architectural Play Set
$1089.95 @ Thegrommet

Expert Tips

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A No Frills Guide to Gifts for Girls From 3 to 19-Years-Old
Shopping for girls can be tough. Is she girly, is she tough, is she a smarty, is she all three or more? Girls are free to be who they are these days and that makes zeroing in on the perfect gift a little challenging. But we have some tips for shopping gifts for girls from 3 to 19-years-old that will be full of sugar and spice and everything nice.

3-4 (Preschool)

These little munchkins are learning the basics and exploring motor skills by tracing and cutting and generally lots of crafts projects. Inspire them to think creatively with building, art or music gifts or get physical with ball games or their first wheels to buzz around on.

5 (Kindergarten)

She just started going to school and whether she loves it or is still feeling it out, you can get her gifts that will help her get excited about going to school and being prepared to have a blast in class.

6-9 (Elementary)

By this age, girls are starting to exercise independence and will tell you all about what they like if you give them the chance. That’s always a great starting point but if you want to gift on the sly, dig into gifts that reflect their favorite character or a collection that you can help build on to.

9-12 (Tween)

She’s all about staking her claim on her stuff and making her world uniquely hers. Anything with her name on it, customizable, or that inspires her to dive deeper into her, now obvious, passions and interests will score big points.

13-14 (Middle School)

This is the age where cool starts to be king, or queen, so if you can you should talk with her about what’s cool these days. She’ll most likely fill you in on more than you ever needed to know to find a cool gift for her. If not, beauty gifts, DIY projects and gifts that contribute to however she likes to stay active, are a good choices.

15-17 (High School)

In High School, girls are starting to figure out, really, who they are. They’re discovering sports and subjects that will become lifelong companions. Gifts at this age should take their favorite things to the next level. Or, simply let them have some fun with a gift that they can share with and show off to their besties.

18-19 (Adulting)

Whether off to college or straight into a career, you can give them gifts that will help set them up for what’s next. Gifts that inspire them to explore the world, plan for the future, stay healthy or always keep learning are awesome gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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