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7 Ways to Surprise Her with the Best Stocking Stuffers

Good things do come in small packages - but good need not be budget-busting. When thinking about stocking stuffers for her, the first parameter to consider is the price. Stocking stuffers can debatably fall in a range of prices, but generally, you're looking for a gift that can be scored with some pocket cash. Yet, you're still hoping for that windfall - a huge smile on her face when she sees the gift in her stocking. Here are tips for scoring a big reward with a small price tag.


Bliss Out

Remember the saying that good things come in small packages? That holds true when it comes to lotions and potions for getting your bliss on. Find out if she has a particular spa or salon that she frequents. If not, choose one with great Yelp reviews. While a 12-oz container of that skin-brightening cream may cost a fortune, you can typically buy small trials of high-end skincare from a spa — which also happen to be the just-perfect size for the stocking.


Cold Protection

It’s Christmas time and it’s freezing out there. You can’t go wrong with stylish winter gear that offers her some protection from the frost. Plus, even us grownups lose a mitten now and again, so extras are welcome (and easy to squeeze into stockings!).


Winter Blues

Does she seem to get an annual case of the winter blahs? Most of us do. But unless if you’re a millionaire, stocking stuffers for her don’t often include first-class tickets to an island vacation. However, you can find small antidotes to the winter blues. From a box of fairy lights to a board game that brings out the giggles, think about small ways to add sunshine or light to her winter days.


Small Reminders

Does she browse the paper aisle of any store for pads and planners that go beyond the ordinary? Practical stocking stuffers for her include ideas for keeping her organized, as we all need small reminders. And she’s less likely to groan about doing groceries with a cute list in hand!


Fragrance Filled

Ask her about her favorite fragrances before considering that cute candle jar for the stocking. You may discover she absolutely cannot stand the scent of cinnamon in anything — which is important info to know before browsing the many fragrance-filled gifts.


Mini Multiples

Everything is cuter and sweeter when it’s packaged up beautifully and mini in size. These points should also be high on the checklist for any stocking stuffers for her. Sneak-peek around her bag or ask her sister or bestie about a favorite brand of lip balm or her go-to chocolate. Then fill that stocking with mini multiples of her favorites.  


Life's Little Problems

You live with that amazing gal and so you must see those little moments of struggle that trip her up. Like when she’s in the kitchen searching around for some easy way to contain that half-eaten avocado. Do a search in a kitchen shop for the latest little tools that solve those everyday conundrums.


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