Nature Letter Necklace

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A rose by any other name might smell just as sweet, but would a letter made out of something other than pen look as awesome? This Nature Letter Necklace has the answer, and it's no surprise that the artists behind this piece are putting pencil scribbles to shame. Surprise someone special with an elegant take on an initial necklace that honors their love of nature. The star is a low-case letter pendant created using leafy branches and tiny, delicate twigs. The letter "n" looks like a twig doing a backbend, miniature leaves still firmly attached, while other letters like "a" and "p" are delightfully abstract - you'll know what they are, but some passersby will just know it looks gorgeous. It's a conversation starter, a tribute to the outdoors, and a signature accessory all rolled into one. All that's left is to decide which letter you want. Pick one that represents your mom, girlfriend, sister, or wife's initial, choose a letter that reminds you of a special person or place, or go with an "x" or "o" as a stand in for all the hugs and kisses you'll be doling out in the near future. Sweet, simple, and utterly unforgettable, this necklace is made to be cherished. PRODUCT INFO: Each lower-case letter is cast in the form of delicate, leafy branches. Choose any letter of the alphabet to stand for your first name, family name, or a loved one you want to remember. Suspended from a 20-inch sterling silver chain, it makes an elegant keepsake or thoughtful, personalized gift.

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