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Expert Tips for Teen Christmas Gift Ideas

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5 Pointers for Snagging Awesome Christmas Gifts for Teens

The holiday shopping season is super stressful even for the people you think you know well. When it comes to finding teen gift ideas for Christmas, it's easy to feel completely lost. Teens generally don't share enough with adults. Even if they do, they change their minds every five seconds so what you think you know today could be wrong tomorrow. Don't fret. We've got a few pointers to help you on your mission.


Deck Their Halls

Teens love seasonally inspired gifts so get them into the holiday spirit with anything from decor for their room or Christmas music LPs to funny tee shirts or pretty jewelry.


Tis the Season

It's also winter, which means seasonal accessories are always going to be a great addition to their wardrobe. Find out from Mom, Dad, or friend what stores and brands they like and get somethings from there that'll help them keep warm all winter.


Go All Out

Teens are a lot like gadget heads in that their wish list can be loaded with pricey stuff. If you have the budget, splurge on something that they'd never get otherwise. Or, get the family to chip in and surprise them. It will definitely go down in history as one of the best gifts ever.


Keep them Busy

Winter can be boring. Give them a gift of something that they can build, make, or learn while holed up over the next few months. It could be based on something that you liked to do when you were younger or something that you know they're interested in.


Account for Taste

If your teen is a girlie girl or a guys guy, take that information and get a gift that matches. Gadgets and sports memorabilia are easy winners with teen boys, while jewelry, personalized decor or coffee table books for their room are well received by teen girls.

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