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How to Shop for Geek Gifts that will Blow Their Minds

Remember when "geek" was one of the all-time worse names to be called in middle school? Something changed. Maybe it was a certain male moviestar (debate amongst yourselves which studly geek turned the tide in pop culture). Or maybe it was the dawning of the iphone, ipad, and gadgets galore that make us all geek out. Whatever started it all, geek is now good. Though you may not be as geeky as the next guy. So here's some technical support for how to program in the best geek gifts.


Latest Update

For easy geek gift ideas, look up when the next big update is happening in the tech world — new iphone, updated games, or some new gadget that everyone is talking about online.


More than One

Two is better than one does not just apply to love. When you’re shopping geek gifts for him, look for ideas that turn one device into two! Like a camera that pops on his phone. Because it’s double the smart technology.



If she proudly channels her inner geek, think on geek gofts for her that play to her geeky side. Does she say “hashtag” in everyday conversation? Maybe a personalized gift for her, even a hashtag bracelet is in order.


Space Invaders

Since when your geek was a young lad, one geeky truth has held true: anything space themed will capture his imagination. Sci-fi inspired gifts are one of the best geeky gift ways to go, just be sure you know what their favorite franchise or interest is before getting started.


Accessorize Your Geek

Think on geek gifts that feel playful about the fact that your geek is super-duper tied to their technology. You can decorate more gadgets and gizmos beyond the smartphone case. Look for geek gifts for her or him that whimsically dress up their tech gear — like battery packs disguised as juice boxes (this exists).


Remember Who

It’s always important to remember who you’re shopping for — their age and relationship to you. And with geek dad gifts, remember your dad is not the average geek. Unlike millennial geeks, he may not know his way around a gaming console. But you can be sure his inner geek will figure out that cool gadget for the grill or get a chuckle out of learning how to speak Wookie.


Fulfill Their Fantasy

If it’s not sci-fi that gets them going, it’s most likely fantasy fiction, manga or medieval times where characters use Olde English, have pet orbs or super powers. Again, find out their favorite character or franchise before looking for a gift to deepen their passion for alternate realities.


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