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Your Guide to One-Year Anniversary Ideas

The first year of marriage tends to fly by in a flash, but your first anniversary offers a chance to reminisce about the day you married the love of your life. When it comes to one-year anniversary ideas, tradition calls for gifts inspired by paper or clocks, but there are non-traditional gift ideas that help you get even more creative. Toast your love with this gift inspiration:


Mark the occasion in writing

 Texting something saucy is fun, but when is the last time you put pen to paper and wrote your Mr. or Mrs. a heartfelt note? Jot down something sentimental in a card for your love...and seal it with a kiss.


Give a photo gift

Look to photo prints (hey, they're paper!) as one-year anniversary ideas you can present in myriad ways. Print a few sweet photos and frame them, create a flip-through photo book or calendar for your love, or supersize a favorite snap on a canvas. 


Map your future travels

Make new memories in a brand new place to kick off year two. Find a map that catches your eye, and then gift it as a conversation starter, so you can mark destinations you want to experience together. 


Gift a good book

Books are one-year anniversary ideas that take the paper concept to a personalized place. Scout a good book for your spouse and start a book - just the two of you. Even sexier, you can take turns reading the book to each in bed. Don't worry if you get sidetracked!


Frame special mementos

 Take the menu from your wedding, your written-out vows, or some other important memento, and float it in a pretty frame. Or frame a collection of ephemera - like the song lyrics from your first song, photobooth strips, or the floorplan to your home.


Set a new alarm

Clocks and timekeepers are considered traditional one-year anniversary ideas. Take it one step further and choose a modern desk clock or stylish watch with an alarm. Then set the alarm to go off later with a note that you have a special date night in (don't be late!).


Break the rules

Opt for one-year anniversary ideas that take a twist on traditional. Look for gifts that represent a promise to love and grow even stronger in the next year, like a potted tree or a houseplant.


Plan a shared experience

A cooking class, dance lesson, or camping trip can be an ultra-romantic way to bond.

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