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The Delicate Dance of Choosing Valentine’s Day Gifts for a New Boyfriend

He makes your heart flutter and you know he feels it, too. He’s your new boyfriend so you’ve been together long enough for you to know that he’s your main squeeze. Although that’s true, your relationship may not have gotten into the, “I love you” territory. Tread lightly, love bird, you don’t want to scare away this keeper! We’ve got some tips on how to identify where you are in your relationship (in his mind) and how to gift accordingly. Read on for clues to find new relationship gift ideas for him that will hit a home run!


What to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day in high school

Whether he just asked you out or you’ve been together months, getting the Valentine’s Day gift right in high school is really important. Don’t give him something that will embarrass him and don’t give something that makes you look like too much of a sure thing. High school guys love a little romance, but not so much that their friends laugh at them. Keep things sweet (candy or other treats) or thoughtful (shared interests) and you’ll be your happy place together well past Valentine’s day.


He’s already said, “I love you” but you’re not so sure

He swept you off your feet and you are loving the fact that someone is giving you so much well-deserved attention! But, when you’re home alone with your thoughts, you’re just not sure if you’re feeling enough to say, “I love you” back.You certainly don’t want to lose this diamond in the rough. Hey, you might just need time to adjust to being treated right after all the previous duds! This guy is a romantic, bless his heart, and you need to show sensitivity in your gift choice. This is the kind of guy who won’t be too keen on a generic gift. You don’t have to give him a romantic heart-shaped picture frame with your names engraved on it to be romantic. Think of something he’s done for you that you thought was super romantic and then think of a way to show you appreciated it. Looked at the night sky together using his telescope? Get him a book on constellation myths.


He still doesn’t call you his girlfriend in front of his friends

This guy is still unsure about something. It could be he’s not sure of his friends. It could be he’s not sure about you. Either way, you don’t want to go in too strong on Valentine’s Day. He might need a little nudge from you via a super thoughtful gift that shows you love him. Think about what he loves to do and did before he met you. Show him you’ve jumped right into his lane and think he’s great just the way he is. Not pressuring him into a deeper relationship is sure to let him get closer on his own terms (and more likely to last!). If your heart is telling you to give him something romantic, make sure that it’s small (i.e. he doesn’t have to display it) and give it to him privately.


You both agree that this could be IT (in a good way!)

Lucky you! You two are the definition of puppy love. You can barely spend any time apart. You have amazing conversations...and amazing other things, too (blush). You agree that neither of you have felt like this before and you openly say, “I love you” for the whole world to hear. This is when it’s best to listen to you heart and get truly creative Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend. This could be something personal that marks your names, special dates, special places, special events...connect to what connects you to each other. Your in the love centrifuge and everything is centralizing. Build the things into the core of your relationship that you want to make sure play a role for all time (because that’s how long this relationship is going to last!). Love running together? Love cooking together? Love traveling together? Give a gift that enhances that and enjoy the ride.


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