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7 Tips For Gracefully Landing the Best Gifts For Dancers

From ballerinas to musical theater wonders, dancers manage to make choreographed moves look graceful and effortless - timed to music, in costume, sometimes even while singing, too. You're hoping to wow the dancer in your life with gifts as impressive as their fancy footwork. If you're not in the dance world, though, you may feel out-of-sync with what to give as gifts for dancers. Right on cue, here's how to choreograph a gift that's right in step with what your dancer wants.


Name That Dance

Is your dancer skilled in everything from the tango to tap? Or are you searching gifts for ballet dancers? Open your gift search by narrowing the field based on the type of dancer you’re shopping for.


Past Present

Once a dancer, always a dancer. But shopping gifts for dancers does depend on whether your dancer is still booking time in a studio with tutu on — or did she hang up her ballet shoes a decade ago? Draw the line between active dancer and a past dancer who’s a huge fan, and you’ll instantly narrow the field of gifts.


Dancer Dreams

Does your ballerina have a dance mentor or a famous ballerina that she looks up to? Find out who’s who in the dance world and who your dancer is looking up to with #goals in mind. You can chat her up for ideas or ask mom for clues. Then think on a dream gift — like tickets to see that professional dancer in person.


Studio Help

Pop into the dance studio where your dancer practices, and see if you can tap a teacher or the gift shop for ideas. Dancers require as much gear as any other athlete — and they’ll know what would be the best gifts for tap dancers or the best gifts for ballet dancers.


First Preview

Sign up to be on the newsletter for your city ballet studio or the local theater for their big Christmas shows of the Nutcracker. The ballets and theater shows (in any city) are known to sell out fast, especially around the holidays. So make sure you’re on the list to scoop up Christmas gifts for your dancers that let them experience the magic in person.


Bedroom Gallery

Have you been in your niece’s room? Young dancers often deck out the bedroom walls with posters and prints inspired by dance. You’ll get a sense of what style art she loves — and get some shopping direction.


Whole Body

A dancer has to keep her body in tip-top shape. Ask her about her fave meals or go-to juice bars, or do some stealthy IMing with her close friends for ideas. Then scout out energy-boosting gifts to help your dancer through long rehearsals.


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