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A Guide to Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Everyone!

There’s no denying that the way to many people’s hearts is through their stomachs! Well, gift baskets get to the heart (ha) of the matter by compiling a collection of delicious, luxurious, unique, and useful stuff into one sweet package. But, gift baskets have come a long way since the cellophane creations you could snap up at craft fairs. No matter who your heart beats for (ok, we’ll stop the heart jokes!), we’ve got a category of gift basket to make their heart sing, too. Sorry, we couldn’t resist squeezing one more in.


Find perfect out-of-the-basket food gifts for Valentine’s Day

Gift sets don’t technically have to be in a basket to be delicious or appropriate for Valentine’s Day. You’ll find there are loads of collections of treat filled buckets, boxes, towers, bins, bags, etc. the world is your oyster-of-the-month-club(ha)! Edible arrangements for Valentine’s Day, anyone? And, we “bucket” non-baskets like DIY kits and of-the-month clubs in with the gift basket gang. They’re more like third cousins twice removed, but they’re still related and it wouldn’t make sense to not invite them to the party. Avoiding the actual basket is also a good idea when you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift baskets for him; but more on that later!


How to find testosterone infused Valentine’s Day gift baskets for him

Your man is most likely not going to coo over a collection of floral themed spa gear in a basket with a teddy bear. Kudos to him if he would! For the rest of the guys, there are kits and towers galore to show him how you appreciate him and still feel those sparks of fire light up every now and then. Whether bacon and beef jerky are his things or tools and beer ring his bell, there are now tough looking gift “baskets” that he’ll get all revved up about. If he’s more of a mixologist and beard grooming guy, you’re in luck there too! Think about what it is about him that makes him really happy, or what you love doing with him, and find a gift collection that’s a perfect fit.


How to find Valentine’s Day gift baskets for her style

Just because she’s a lady doesn’t mean that any old gift basket will do. If you want her to see how you truly feel (good vibes only!) then you have to think carefully about the gifts basket you’ll give her on Valentine’s Day. Is she more of a bath bubbles or champagne bubbles kind of girl? Or, both? Hello traditional gift towers and baskets! Or, would she rather be experimenting in the kitchen or trying her hand at making something new? Hello DIY kits! Does she like to try new things but doesn’t have the time to find them? Hello, of-the-month-club, we’re looking at you!


Gift basket buyers beware!

Here a few final tips to get your Valentine's Day gift giving game in the! Gift baskets do not have to contain edible or drinkable things Gift baskets do not have to be baskets at all; they are gifts of related things all in one package Gift baskets can also come in monthly subscriptions Gift baskets exist to suit just about any personality so don’t sell yourself short, do some digging to find the right one! They're worth it!   


Need more Valentine's Day gift baskets inspiration?

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