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Don't Bark Up the Wrong Tree: 7 Tips for Dog Gifts

Dog lovers are a mixed bunch. Some prefer big dogs. Some prefer little pooches. Others are die-hard fans of rescues. Some are even companions with mixed-up mutts. But all dog lovers need some love. After all they're in charge of early-morning walks and scooping up their best friend's poop everywhere (it's not easy!). We're trained in following the trail to the best dog gifts so you're not barking up the wrong tree. Here's your gifting guide to sniffing out great ideas for your dog lovers.


Adopted Family

Think on personalized dog gifts for the dog lover who truly treats her pooch like her adopted child. Put on your thinking cap as to what you’d gift a new mom (and just sub in for dog) — like a custom portrait of Barkley or décor with the doggie’s name.


Twin Out

When it comes to all the stylish leads, collars, doggie sweaters and jackets, consider the dog owner’s style before choosing any gifts. If your dog owner loves anything feminine and flirty, then dressing that pooch in a sparkly pink leash is a safe bet. If he’s a rugged city guy whose bag is made of army green waxed canvas, then scout out dog accessories on the minimal bespoke side of style.


Ask the Sitter

City dwellers with dogs often employ dog walkers while they’re at the office. And most everyone enlists a friend or parents for dog sitting duty sometimes. See if you can connect with the dog walker or dog sitter. They will likely have ideas for what would make a useful gift.


Social Shares

If you’re stumped on dog lover gift ideas, check her Facebook feed and Instagram for clues. Does she have a soft spot for rescue dogs and post about dogs up for adoption? Does she run with her dog? Does she dress her dog in full winter gear?


Personalized Pooch

Think about ways to personalize dog gifts for dog lovers — with the dog’s initial, name, or even a custom photo gift. Personalized gifts show that you’ve been thoughtful and planned ahead. Just be sure you have enough wiggle room for the custom gift to be made and shipped in time.


Puppy Love

If your sister has had her dog for 8 years, think on a dog lover present that’s on the sentimental side — and remembers those early days when her best friend was a puppy. Maybe you can dig into her Facebook feed for some old photos to turn into a sweet surprise.


Rain Wind Snow

Dog lovers are a special bunch who must walk their four-legged friends under every weather condition. So think on your dog owner, with gifts that help protect against the elements (like warm winter accessories.)


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