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How to Serve Up the Best Gift Ideas for a Police Officer in Your Life

Bravery is a required part of being a police officer - while serving the community, making big busts, and even braving the winter cold for duty. If you have someone in your family in blue uniform, you don't want to get busted without a great gift for your personal hero who models bravery every day. Here's your ticket to finding the perfect Christmas gifts for police officers.


Doughnut Runs

You’ve probably run into a police officer or two at the doughnut shop. There’s that common notion that cops love doughnuts. Start sweet in thinking about Christmas gifts for police officers.


Be Prepared

Police officers have to be prepared for anything. Think about gift ideas for a police officer in your life that plays on the practical — anything from a multi-tool to an extra high-beam flashlight.


Christmas Cops

What never gets old is seeing someone in uniform. Search around for novelty decor out for Christmas that feature something unexpected (like a nutcracker?) in full police uniform. It’s a gift idea that’s just for fun.


Stay Fit

Cops need to stay in shape to be able to do their job. Where do police officers shop? Beyond the uniform store, your best bet would be searching through the athletics aisle in any store. Be sure you come armed knowing what activity or sport your police officer does to stay fit.


Under Uniform

Where does your police officer live? Is he or she in a climate that gets freezing come Christmas? Most cops have to do a lot of work outside, so think on gift ideas to keep warm — from layers for under the uniform to hand warmers.


Detective Work

Do a little snooping to find out if the police officer you love has a favorite type of pad or pen for work. (There are even UV light pens to help spot fake IDs!) Then stock up on gifts to help your police officer log their work in style.


Show Appreciation

Maybe a police officer in town helped you out in some meaningful way. When you’re looking for gift ideas for a local police officer who made your day easier, search the thank you gift aisle for something that’s small and sweet.


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