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Expert Tips

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Your Turbulence-Free Guide To Travel Gift Ideas

You need not have traveled the world to have an incurable case of wanderlust. For your travel lovers - whether they're jetsetters, roadtrippers, or constant armchair travelers - you want to tap into that desire to explore to book the best travel gifts. First, don't delay (the good deals go fast), and second, be prepared for your gift to run through a series of checks (is it useful? stylish? does it suit your traveler?). This roadmap of ideas will help transport you to your ultimate destination: completing that gift shopping list.


Passport Pass

One of the easiest sources of inspiration for travel gift ideas is checking his or her passport. You can casually ask to peek at the passport or enlist the help of family. You’ll be able to see where they have travelled. A passport with loads of stamps means they’re seasoned travelers. Or maybe you notice only stamps to warm places (she loves the beach. ) Clues and more clues to narrowing the search for travel gifts.  


Travel Companions

Talk to her travel companions to get the download on what would make the perfect travel gifts for her. Maybe she’s gone on yearly vacations with her girlfriends. Chances are, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.


Food for Thought

Travel gifts for men can feel so ho-hum — lots of leather and dark colors. Instead, ask him where he would travel if he were to do a culinary tour, so just about the food. Or think on that question yourself. Then scope out travel themed gifts that are foods or treats from a certain destination — and let his tastebuds experience new flavors.


Relive the Fun

Some of the best travel themed gifts are wrapped up in nostalgia. Did you two take a trip together that defined you as a couple? Or did your college student have a life-changing trip that fueled her wanderlust? Scope out thoughtful gift ideas that remind them of that specific destination or special moment.


Travel Comforts

Between security lines and scrunched seats, travel brings you in close quarters with loads of strangers, germs, wildly fluctuating temperatures — the works. Ask yourself what uncomfortable part of travel bothers your love the most, and then brainstorm a solution.


Stay Connected

For parents who must travel for work, it’s extra important to stay connected with family. Find out what kind of travel gear he has, like travel gifts for men that keep devices powered up. Or consider gifts that help traveling mamas feel connected to their wee children — like a photobook to look at during takeoff when they miss those sweet faces the most.


Ultimate Fantasy

Peruse that Pinterest board and you’re bound to see some travel fantasies for young travel enthusiasts. You might also uncover a wishlist of clothes that are easy to pack, a coveted piece of luggage, and more insider information.  


Want more inspiration for your favorite travelers?

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