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How to Book an Experience Gift They'll Remember
Experience gifts go straight to the heart of why you're giving a gift. And that is, you're trying to speak a message to her, to him, or to them, with this gift. Experience gifts for couples send them the message to enjoy some time together. Experience gifts for her may show you understand she needs some me-time (and a little pampering.) Experience gifts for men may send the message of going for it with doing something he really loves. The sheer number of experience gifts out there means it's that much harder of a shopping experience for you. We've got you covered so shopping is easy-peezy.

You, Not Me

First and foremost, give an experience gift that’s chosen based on what your gift recipient would like to do. Sometimes, it’s easy to get in the I-would-love-that mindset when you’re gift shopping, but it’s not about what you would like. The best gifts come from thinking about what they would most want.

Past Experience

You’re thinking about experience gifts for her, but you want to be sure she’ll love what you choose. Here’s an easy solution: do a little digging to find out what she’s done before. You can ask around those closest to her. If it’s an experience she loved, she’s sure to have talked about it.

Perfect Complement

When you’re planning out experience gifts for couples, make sure you’re considering both people and their likes, dislikes, and comfort level. If one loves adventure and the other half is afraid of heights, then gifting a hot air balloon ride will not fly.

Spousal Support

If you’ve been browsing all the experience gifts for men, and still have no clue what that brother of yours would like — enlist help. If he’s married, it’s a sure bet that his spouse will know a thing or two about what he’d like.

Experience Together

Giving an experience is a way of sharing time with someone you love. Consider experience gifts that you can do to bond together — and take time out of your busy days. After all, you go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Ballpark Idea

When you’re choosing experience gifts for her, steer away from pulling an idea from left field. If you have no idea if she’d like to ride roaring rapids, put that idea aside unless you can confirm she’s thought about it (or done it before). The idea is to give something she’d love — not push the person to do something they’ve never considered (nor may want to try.)

Social Clues

Tap into her social media to see what experiences she’s posted about on Facebook, and use any clues to guide you to a great experience gift for her. If she’s often trying new restaurants, she’d probably love a foodie tour of the city.