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How to Find the Perfect 5th Anniversary Gifts

A half-decade of marriage is a milestone, and choosing the right 5th anniversary gift has to do with tuning into your partner's personality and desires. Finding something that's both meaningful and unique requires a little time, thought, and care. But picking out a gift for the one you love is also a thrill - just imagine their face when you give them the perfect gift! Here are some ideas.


Go natural

Wood is the material of the 5th year of marriage, and its tree symbolism - strong with deep roots and a long, lasting future - clearly translates to relationships. An image or sculpture of a tree, or even a literal plant itself to go in your yard, is a classic gift for traditional types.


Put a fork in it

Silverware is the "modern" 5th anniversary gift. Make it more romantic than new forks and spoons by choosing a grand serving utensil with a significant design, for example, or a set of specialized silver (tiny spoons for a tea drinker, fancy chopsticks for a sushi lover) that has an extra personal element.


Get romantic

It isn't much of a stretch to extend the wood symbol into paper, where a whole world of gift ideas opens up. Select divine stationery with your family name at the top, find a classic set of books that your spouse adores, or pen a love letter straight from the heart.


Think big

If your home is in need of new furnishings, now is the time. After five years of marriage, you'll want to own a perfect credenza, splurge on that gorgeous desk you've been coveting or have those built-in shelves installed. A gift for the home is a gift for the marriage.


Create a treasure

Maybe you never got around to having your wedding photos properly framed, or perhaps your little ones' artwork is piling up on a counter. For displaying the images of your lives, whether they be cherished photos or tiny handprints, wooden frames do the trick and make a perfect 5th anniversary gift.


Embrace nature

What better moment to go on a romantic forest camping trip for two? Celebrate five years of marriage under a forest canopy. Indoor types can opt for a getaway with a fireplace where wood can add a warm glow to your romantic time away.

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