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How to Make Kids Squeal With the Best Stocking Stuffers

The kids' lists to Santa may run long, with wishes for many big-ticket toys. So the Christmas stocking turns into the spot to stash those little somethings. You may not be psyched about sharing the house with that new talking-blinking-and-beeping toy under the tree, so stocking stuffers for kids are where you can have some influence in what becomes a part of the toy chest. Some of the coolest (and quietest) gifts for kids are small enough to fit in the stocking. Here's how to find them.


In a Name

Are you looking for a special kind of stocking stuffer for your kid? Look to personalized gifts that feature your child’s name — it’s a stocking stuffer that won’t have to be shared.  


Reading Material

Do you have a bookworm in your house? Don’t overlook books as a simple stocking stuffer for kids. You can find smaller books that are perfect for early readers (and will fit!).


Make Believe

After the toddler years, you still have a few years where your kid believes in some magic — whether it’s pretending to fly to Mars or a special fairy tale. See if you can find out what pretend wish or make-believe land the kiddo holds dear. Then find a small gift that helps him or her play pretend a little longer.


Pint-Sized Games

What do kids always want to do? Play! Don’t overlook games as easy-peezy solutions for what to stick in the kids’ stockings. Head to the toy store for inspiration. While you’ll need to steer clear of big board games and kickballs, there are plenty of pretty playing cards and travel games sized just right for that knit stocking.


Figure Small

Is there a movie that your kid keeps talking about? Look for mini figures of those favorite characters as toys that the kids may play with or simply collect for fun.


Mini Makers

Sometimes the best stocking stuffers for kids is building on what they own and love. Does your kid love Legoes? Then a set of Lego minis will only add to the creative options of what he or she can build.


On the Road

Are your cousins regular roadtrippers? Do the kids clock long hours in the car to visit Gramps each summer? Then look for ways to keep the kiddos happy and occupied in the car with games and distractions that are easy to travel with.


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