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Anxiety-Reducing Ways to Shop for Your Mother-in-Law

Whether she's meddling or crowned mother-in-law-of-the-century, your mother-in-law has been with your partner throughout life. Now what's on the gift-giving agenda includes finding Mother's Day gifts for your mother-in-law, gifts for her birthday, and gifts for your mother-in-law for Christmas. Ah! To add even more pressure, you know she's bound to have opinions. Here are 9 tricks to finding that perfect present for the woman you really want to impress - even if you would never admit it.


Long Distance

In the realm of worse case scenarios, those presents for your mother-in-law for her birthday arriving after the big day — that’s high on the list. How to handle: be sure there are ample days left with processing and shipping so your package won’t be late. Or consider last-minute gift ideas.


Mark Milestones

Ask your spouse for your mother-in-law’s full birthdate (month, day, year). Mark the date in your calendar, and plan ahead for the big milestones (like a 70th birthday coming up).


Family Connections

Before committing to gifts for your mother-in-law, think about how she corresponds with you. Is she the fastest commenter to family pictures on Facebook? Then snoop around on her feed or enlist help by IMing another family member for ideas. Does she send you handwritten notes? Then a more traditional gift would be a good fit.


Special Causes

While you’re snooping around her social media, see if she has a favorite cause that she’s involved in. Maybe she donates to a wildlife cause —  her love of animals can be gift inspiration.


Picture Perfect

Mother's day gifts for a mother in law often include some kind of photo gift. Pick one that ties in with her style for displaying  family photos — does she have framed family photos on the wall? Is she a calendar person? Is the fridge bare or covered in magnets and snaps?


Personal Preferences

Pampering presents for your mother-in-law need a little investigation. Talk to your spouse or father-in-law about what services she’s had done. Good questions to consider: Has she ever gotten a massage? Maybe not, because she’s uncomfortable with the idea. Are her nails typically polished when you see her? Is she loyal to one stylist for doing her hair?


More Me-Time

Ask your mother-in-law: if you had a free day, what would you do? Maybe she’d take the free time to go for a hike or maybe she’s the gal who’d head straight to the craft store. Let her answer lead you to a great gift idea.


Play Detective

Next time you’re at her home, notice how she has her powder room arranged for ideas on accessories she loves. Do you see fragrant candles and pretty guest towels and soaps all around?


Make it Yourself

Homemade gifts for a mother-in-law who has everything are a sentimental way to go — the gift sincerely shows you put some thought and time into it. Check out Pinterest for cool ideas on what to make your mother-in-law.

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Best Mother In Law Gifts in 2022

Find the best gift ideas for Mother in law who has everything. Discover great presents for Birthday, Christmas, and all other occasions. Our editors have hand picked unique gift ideas for you so you never have to worry about what to get for your mother in law. If you have any other gift suggestions, please share with us. We would love to hear from you!

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