Barrel Stave Wine Butler

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Made in United States of America Jeeves! Would you kindly pour me a glass of the '82 Margaux? What, the help taking longer than usual to answer? We can't all afford to have someone waiting on us hand and foot, but we can afford this Barrel Stave Wine Butler, and trust us when we tell you that it's even better than having someone lurking in your home. This crafty piece is made from an actual barrel stave, otherwise known as a curved section of wood that helps form the containers used to age and store wine. In fact, you can still see the reddish stain from the wine coloring the underside of the stave, lending this gift an authenticity and unique appeal you won't find anywhere else. Five strategically placed holes transform the stave into functional art. The middle hole is for placing the wooden plank onto a wine bottle while the other four slots hold enough wine glasses for you and a few friends. Use it as storage, as a display, or as a gift for your favorite oenophile or a host/hostess with the mostest and rest easy knowing your present is both lovely to look at and useful. Just like Jeeves. PRODUCT INFO: Can Carry Wine bottle with 4 wine glasses Made from a reclaimed red wine barrel We preserve the red wine color on the underside of the glass holder

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