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How to Structure Your Gift Shopping for Engineers You Know

Engineers figure out solutions to problems in ways that can baffle the mind, especially if you're a right-brained person who's not so mathematically minded. Now you're tasked with using your smarts to discover the best gifts for the engineer you love. The solution is here in these 7 shopping tips. Trust us, your gift search will be easier than sorting out an equation.


All About Ingenuity

The best gifts for engineers bring some unexpected magic. Search for gifts for engineers that bring descriptions of being tiny, faster, 3-D, motion-activated, bluetooth, waterproof, or long-lasting LED. Look for lingo that will impress your engineer.


Phone Connection

When you’re searching for gifts for software engineers, remember that they’re probably hooking up many devices to sync with that smartphone. Find out which smartphone your engineer has and then start looking for some rad accessories or gadget gifts to get connected.


Mind Teasers

What kind of engineer are you shopping for? There’s a big difference in the specialities of engineering. But whether you’re scouting gifts for mechanical engineers or electrical engineers, any gifts that are mind-teasers will be appreciated. Engineers love a good puzzle to practice their smarts.


Modern Cool

Design is often big with engineers. Take a sneak peek into your engineer’s office to check the décor. Modern or midcentury home design are common favorite design styles for engineers. You could look for gifts for engineers to dress up that desk.


Right Formula

If you’re feeling stumped on finding graduation gifts for any engineer students you know, keep in mind that engineering has a lot to do with numbers. Start there with your search — look for gifts that features numerals in the design.


Imagination Focus

While your engineer is wrapping their mind around structures and shapes, he or she could use some inspiration. Look for gifts for engineers that stretch their imagination with words to inspire. Extra points if you know your engineer well enough (or do some sleuthing) to uncover a word that has special meaning.


Get Their Zen On

Engineers work the left side of their brain all day at work. How about a gift that focuses on relaxing? Look for gifts that help your engineer find a little zen.


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