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Gifts for Boss:Golfers Beer Mug (2 Pack)
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Mens Tie
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Golf Ball Markers
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Golf Balls
Gifts for Boss:Food & Wine Experiences
Gifts for Boss:Variety Of The Month Club
Gifts for Boss:Temperature-Controlled Mug
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Baseball Travel Mug
Gifts for Boss:Adventure Gifts
Gifts for Boss:Learn To Fly
Gifts for Boss:Wine Of The Month Club
Gifts for Boss:Coffee Of The Month Club
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Padded Bleacher Seat
Gifts for Boss:Personalized BBQ Grill Set
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Whole Bottle Wine Glass
Gifts for Boss:Heavy Duty Personalized Garment Bag Luggage
Gifts for Boss:Golf History Newspaper Book
Gifts for Boss:Glass Wine Saver Carafe
Gifts for Boss:Iron In A Bottle Spray
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Moonshine Kit
Gifts for Boss:Jerky Of The Month Club
Gifts for Boss:BBQ Sauce Of The Month Club
Gifts for Boss:Bacon Of The Month Club
Gifts for Boss:Necktie Of The Month Club - 3 Months
Gifts for Boss:Hot Sauce Of The Month Club
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Beer Mug
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Coffee Mugs
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Leather Portfolio
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Hourglass Keepsake Gift
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Medial Specialty Paperweight
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Candy Dispenser For Executives
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Whiskey Barrel
Gifts for Boss:Travel Heated Seat Cover
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Divot Tools For Golfers
Gifts for Boss:Healthy Gift Basket
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Retirement Keepsake Block
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Leather Dopp Kit
Gifts for Boss:Engraved Picture Frames - Inspiring Quotes -..
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Chopsticks
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Golf Bag Tags
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Mens Travel Toiletry Bag -..
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Mens Photo Coffee Mugs - Just..
Gifts for Boss:Custom Date Newspaper Book
Gifts for Boss:1 Acre Of Land On Planet Mars
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Retirement Afghan
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Wine Bottle Cap
Gifts for Boss:Personalized 4 Piece BBQ Set
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Leather 2 Slot Watch Box - 10..
Gifts for Boss:Ride Shotgun In A Stock Car
Gifts for Boss:Walking Food Tours
Gifts for Boss:Thank You Gift Basket
Gifts for Boss:Game Of SPACE
Gifts for Boss:Custom Map Coasters
Gifts for Boss:Chippo Outdoor Golf Game
Gifts for Boss:Fitbit Wristband + Heart Rate
Gifts for Boss:ChargeHub: USB Charging Station
Gifts for Boss:Beer Of The Month Club
Gifts for Boss:GPS Smart Travel Lock
Gifts for Boss:Custom Golf Ball Marker
Gifts for Boss:Click & Grow: Smart Garden
Gifts for Boss:Nitro Cold Brew Maker
Gifts for Boss:Spinning Wine Glasses
Gifts for Boss:Portable Charcoal Grill
Gifts for Boss:Electronic Wine Decanter
Gifts for Boss:Awesome Boss Mug
Gifts for Boss:Emoji Practice Golf Balls
Gifts for Boss:BBQ Dragon Grill Set
Gifts for Boss:Wine Making Kit With Barrel
Gifts for Boss:Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return
Gifts for Boss:Wireless DigitalMeat Thermometer
Gifts for Boss:Thumb Piano
Gifts for Boss:Golf Performance Tracking System
Gifts for Boss:Smart Meat Thermometer
Gifts for Boss:GPS Smartwatch
Gifts for Boss:10: Whats On Your Top 10 List?
Gifts for Boss:Handcrafted Woodland Candle
Gifts for Boss:Organic Tea Of The Month
Gifts for Boss:Insulated Beer Bottle Holder
Gifts for Boss:Sand Art
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Golf Club Markers
Gifts for Boss:Hand-Blown Unzipped Bag Bowl
Gifts for Boss:Proud Grill Company: Magnetic BBQ Tool Set
Gifts for Boss:Ultra Light Trekking Poles
Gifts for Boss:Magnetic Tie Stay
Gifts for Boss:Vahdam Teas: Assorted Loose Leaf Teas Gift Box
Gifts for Boss:Memory Lane Personalized Canvas
Gifts for Boss:Bose QuietComfort Headphones
Gifts for Boss:Bull Glass Decanter
Gifts for Boss:Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro
Gifts for Boss: Carbon Smartphone Cleaner
Gifts for Boss:Urban Cheesecraft: Dairy-Free DIY Cheese Kit
Gifts for Boss:Precision Manual Coffee Grinder
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Photo Golf Balls
Gifts for Boss:Premium Sparkling Water Maker
Gifts for Boss:State Scented Candles
Gifts for Boss:Etched Leather Journal
Gifts for Boss:Lighted Grill Tools Gift Set
Gifts for Boss:LED Pocket Video ProjectorLaptops (PP60)
Gifts for Boss:Sounds Of The Sea Bells
Gifts for Boss:Personalized Dartboard & Cabinet

Expert Tips

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How to Get Promotion Worthy Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Bosses: Whether you love 'em or leave 'em, they're in charge - which means that sometimes, you're in charge of getting them a gift. Think positively and shop for gifts that truly rule (and will maybe score you a raise?).


Stick with humor

A sense of humor is great quality - especially if you work in a serious office. Your boss is bound to crack a smile when you gift her with a silly mug, a funny "name plate," or a hilarious desk accessory. Plus, it'll make her more relatable to everyone who steps foot inside her office.


Deck out his desk

A set of high-quality pens, a leather portfolio, a docking station, or a fancy letter opener will upgrade the desk where he likely spends most of his day.


Cater to the traveling boss

A framed map, a portable alarm clock, a toiletry case, or a travel mug are all great gift ideas for a boss who's always on the go. Think also about her actual travel time - a portable neck pillow, a travel blanket, or a weekend bag are thoughtful presents, too.


Consider his family

He's not always the boss. Sometimes he's a husband, a dad, a friend - you know, a person. A picture frame for family photos, a golf set for outings with friends, or a game he can play with his kids show you think of him as an equal as well as a superior.


Encourage her health

Odds are, your boss works a lot. She's the boss, after all! So if you know she likes to keep fit, consider athletic gifts like a yoga mat, a water bottle, or a subscription to fruit-of-the-month club.


Keep him alert

Being the boss requires major brain power. A coffee maker for his office, crossword puzzles to keep his mind sharp, or vitamins to help him function on a high level are all great gift ideas for a boss.


Give her the day off

Reservations at a raved-about restaurant or tickets to a sporting event or concert will help your boss make the most of her weekend.

Gift Guides

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Let's Hear it for Your #GirlBoss With these Smart Gift Ideas

The only thing more nerve-wracking than not having a gift for your boss (when everyone else does) is having a gift that's all wrong. So keep these few simple guidelines in mind. Steer away from gifts with a punchline that she might not get. Skip over any gifts that feel too personal. And head straight to this gift list of ideas for your female boss. She'll be happy with her gift, and you'll be relieved that you got it right.

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