Oh-So-Lovely Gifts for a Lady Boss

She is your boss. Or your lady boss, or however you want to phrase it. But what's most important here is what you're giving her something appropriate and thoughtful. Something design-forward but not overdone (since kissing up would set you back.) These small, but noticeably awesome, ideas hit just the right notes for any occasion for a female boss. Meeting adjourned, now go check out this gift list for your lady boss!

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Ink Bound Personal Journal

You know she has an eye for design and she always needs a notebook. So here's the perfect little-something gift. 

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Gold Charging Cord with Micro USB

Everyone needs a charging cord for their smartphone, but a lady boss needs one in gold. 

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Russell+Hazel Signature Binder

Give her a handy binder for work that captures her signature fashion style of modern pops of color. 

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Awesome Sticky Note Pad Collection

Because even her sticky notes should match the sparkling personality of your lady boss.

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Custom Map and Pen Desk Set

If you know of a special place that she loves, give her a desk set with a custom map of that destination. It's a lady boss gift that goes the extra mile.


One Day at a Time Note Pad Set

Because even the boss needs a reminder to be present — and take one day at a time. 

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Jotblock Desk Accessory

It's that age old wisdom: the best way to keep a desk from being a mess is to make sure there's a spot for everything. 


Wood Laptop Riser

Give her the gift of working without neck or wrist strain on her laptop. Here's a practical-yet-stylish wood riser. 


Dust Cloud Screen Cleaning Set

Because practical solutions with a high-design look are the perfect combination for a lady boss gift. 


Hello Stationery

Simply modern stationery — with her name on it — is a sure way to impress your lady boss. 


Foodie Pencil Set

For the lady boss with a foodie palate, here's a fun set of pencils for her desk. 


Composition Notebook Tote

She carries a lot of stuff back and worth to work, and this composition tote matches her funky style. 


Mini File Cabinet Business Card Holder

She'll get a good laugh when she sees this cute accessory for her piles of business cards. 


Lavender Garden Pen

A pen is not a gift until it's infused with the lovely scent of lavender. Your lady boss will feel like she's in her garden — even when she's stuck in a meeting. 


Percy the Pencil Porcupine

With this whimsical desk accessory, she won't be held up searching for a pencil for meetings. 


Playable Art Cube

Because a high-powered lady boss needs a good stress reliever for the desk. This playable art cube does just that — in modern style. 


What Wood You Say? Wooden Desk Phrases

She may be the boss, but you're on the same team. And this desk accessory is just the encouragement she needs. 


Gala Photo Display

She talks about her kids endlessly, so give her an easy way to display snapshots — and show off the kiddos. 


Initialed Notepad Stationery

A proper lady boss gift always begins with a monogram. And she can never have too many notepads. 


I Think I Can Art Print

Is there a big new project happening at work? Here's a gift that gives her inspiration in an oh-so-pretty way. 


Paperweight Power

Ship Deck Prism Paperweight

Her desk sees a lot of papers in a week, so give her a pretty paperweight to keep things in order. 


Over the Rainbow Paperweight

You can't take the long hours out of her job, but you can make her time at the office feel lighter with a pretty rainbow. 


Dandelion Paperweight

Because she's sentimental at heart, and a dandelion paperweight lets her make wishes for a good day. 


Pewter Paperweight

Here's a pewter paperweight that supports her perseverance as a lady boss. 


Sky's The Limit Airplane Paperweight

To become a lady boss, she had to reach for the sky. Remind her of her journey with this special paperweight. 


Tamara Hensick Designs: Arrow Paperweight

Here's a simply sweet paperweight for the lady boss who is also a friend. 


Decision Paperweight

She's the one in charge, so give her a paperweight that helps weigh in on important matters. 


Hand Pen Holder and Desk Organizer

Here's the perfect tongue-in-cheek gift for the lady boss who can never find a pencil, marker, scissors — you name it. 


Imagination Paperweight

Because you're in an industry where imagination is the most important element. This paperweight says it all. 


Busy Boss

I Am Very Busy Canvas Tote Bag

Give her a bag that speaks the truth — because she is a very busy boss lady. 

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Wine Box

After a big win at work, your team tends to go out for drinks. Here's a gift for your lady boss that shows how you all appreciate her (just add wine). 


Kate Spade Women's ID Clip

If you need to flash ID cards in your office building, here's the perfect little something to give your lady boss. She'll love an ID clip that's ever-so-stylish.

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The Boss Ceramic Mug

This modern mug is a simple way to show her you know who's the boss.

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Desktop Skee Ball

Give her the best cure for writer's block or office fatigue: a game of desktop skee ball. 


Big Personality Desk Signs

For a lady boss who's on the sassy side of cool, here's a desk sign to match her big personality. 


Custom Bobblehead

There's no doubt that her own custom bobblehead is sure to spark a smile. 


Like A Boss Wine Box

It's no secret she appreciates wine, so here's a gift box for her favorite vintage. 


Places in America Print

Here's a print for her office that's just perfect for the lady boss who travels all over for work. 


The Devil Wears Prada, A Signed Edition

Your lady boss has a good sense of humor (and perhaps works in publishing?). Here's a fun book to give her, from all of you. 


What's In Style

Metallic Pink Peekaboo Circle Clutch

Circle clutches are right on trend, so stick with what's stylish for your lady boss.

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Sea Glass Turquoise Canteen

Because hanging out by the water cooler is for everyone who's not the boss. Here's the pretty canteen that your lady boss needs for her desk. 


She Believed She Could Bangle

You and your lady boss have shared the struggles of being a woman. So give her a bracelet that captures the message she believes, too. 


Kate Spade Insulated Tumbler

Because any iced drink will feel more special in a fancy insulated tumbler — that's just her style. 

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Honey Sweetened Preserves

She's sure to get stuck on this sweet treat of gourmet honey preserves — don't forget to share where you found it (wink wink). 


Slate Cheese Boards with Soapstone Chalk

For the lady boss who talks about all the parties she hosts, here's the perfect entertaining gift for her. 


Personalized Ceramic Serving Bowl

Because a personalized gift goes so much further than any serving piece you may find. 


American Northeast Honey Set

We've tried this honey and can say it's a winner. Here's the perfect gift for the lady boss who loves tasting new foods. 


Artisanal Caramels

You can never go wrong with sweet artisanal caramels. Just don't expect your lady boss to share them with you. 


Tomato Takeover Grow Kit

For the boss who is the ultimate foodie, here's an heirloom gift for her garden. 


Monogram Guest Soap & Towel Set

A lady boss likes to see her name (or initial) in print. And she'll appreciate a soap and towel set that speaks to her. 


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Jun 20, 2017


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