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How to Show Uber Appreciation for your Fave Uber Driver

When you're making your holiday shopping list, you may want to add the person who matters most when you most need a ride. Do you use your Uber app as much as Instagram? Then this guide is for you. Those rideshare drivers work hard (at all hours), so it's sweet to reward your one awesome driver that saves you on a nightly basis, when you're caught with no other way to get to home. Here are the rules for giving a gift to your favorite Uber driver.


Simple Courtesy

First, let’s start with the gift of common courtesy, which will be appreciated (and rated highly) by your Uber driver. That means no feet on the seat, clean up any spills, don’t leave your trash, don’t talk on your cell phone in an uberloud voice. You know — treat your Uber driver’s car the way you’d want your car treated.


Tips Appreciated

Uber states that tips are voluntary, but of course, rewarding good service is always much appreciated. Especially around the holidays, you can consider an extra tip as a way of saying thanks to your favorite Uber driver. Keep in mind all tips must be in cash for Uber.


Fuel Up

One thing you know every Uber driver needs is gas. Maybe you didn’t have any cash on you for the last few rides, and you’d like to say thanks to your most excellent Uber driver. Pick up a gas card as a way to pool your tips into one sweet thank you.


Helpful Gear

Every Uber driver depends on a few tech essentials, but he’s probably using the basic (soon-to-break) model for his phone stand or could use an extra aux cable. Some of this car gear is actually quite inexpensive – but the thoughtful gift would make a big impact.


Snack Pack

Long hours and lots of driving around will make any rideshare driver hungry. You could say a special thanks to your Uber driver by giving a little basket of snacks. Pick treats that are pre-packaged, won’t spoil, and foods that are not a mess to eat. Because you know he doesn’t want to mess up the car.


Conversation Starters

If your Uber driver has gone above and beyond, and you’d like to give a gift, think about any conversations you’ve had for clues. Did you talk about your shared addiction to coffee? Bingo, you’ve got ideas for what to give.


Five Stars

Keep in mind, you don’t need have to give a gift to your Uber driver — even around the holidays. There’s no etiquette saying so, unlike someone like a doorman, where the protocol is to give a holiday gift. But no matter what, be sure to give the full 5 stars to any Uber driver you like. And be courteous and consider a cash tip as a way to show your thanks.  


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