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Expert Tips

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The Ultimate Guide to a Stunning 7th Anniversary Gift

After 7 years of marriage, gifts can be silly or serious, extravagant or humble. What matters is the meaning and heart behind the present. Here are a few guidelines for choosing a 7th anniversary gift:


Go Traditional

Wool is one of the materials of year seven, so why not spring for a warm sweater or scarf that fits your loved one's style? You could also pick out a necklace or some cufflinks that shine in copper, the 7th anniversary's other traditional gift material.


Be Modern

A desk set is the "modern" gift for year seven, so choose a variety of stationery, pens, organizers and office supplies that match your spouse's personality and taste.


Save the Date

The date of your wedding is one that stays in your mind forever, so why not inscribe it onto a beautiful frame, a custom work of art, or even a coffee mug you'll see and use every morning?


Share a Laugh

Seven years of inside jokes add up to a lot of options for funny keepsakes or quirky message tees. Go ahead, be silly together. That's one of the best parts of being in love.


Write It Down

Declarations of love somehow look better in black and white. Have the story of your love transformed into a novel, start a journal that you can write in together, or fill a keepsake jar with adoring messages to each other.


Plan a Wild Date

Your 7th anniversary gift should be a celebration of the adventure of marriage. Plan a fun experience like learning to drive race cars or taking a hot air balloon flight together.


Be Romantic

Order up strawberries and champagne, deliver a dozen roses and turn on your song. No matter what you deliver in a gift box, your 7th anniversary will be an evening to remember.

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