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7 Tricks to Tap into Show Worthy Pet Gifts

When the pets are included in the holiday card's family portrait, it's time to put pet gifts on your radar. Beyond felines and pooches, there may be a bunny, gerbil, fish, ferret, guinea pig, turtle, bird, or reptile friend who are seen as recognized members of the family. The great news is the world of pet accessories is now huge - with everything from hideaway bunny huts to architectural hamster wheels. That's why we're here with tips for digging through all the pet gifts to find a hidden treasure.


Sniff Around

Before starting any search for pet gifts, scout out what pets are at home. You want to start your gift hunt on the right paw. And stretch your gift hunt to accessories for the pet lover. You could pick up a gift that celebrates their favorite animals on the planet (like a game of Bird Bingo).


Facebook Friends

A pet-themed gift sounds like an easy gift for your friend or cousin. You know she has a pet — but you can’t remember whether it’s a guinea pig or gerbil (and it makes a difference in choosing a more thoughtful, specific gift). Take a peek on Facebook — as she’s probably shared a pet post or two.


Good Cause

Find out if your pet-loving friend already donates to any animal charities — like the ASPCA or the Humane Society. It’s safe to assume her spouse would know since they do taxes together (charitable writeoffs.) That way you can help her give back to a cause she loves — helping animals.  


Sleeping Quarters

Snoop around to find out whether there’s a pet bed at home, whether it’s old or brand new, or whether their bunny has free reign of the house and sleeps nestled in a bunny hut in the kitchen. If you gift a pet bed, you’ll also want to match its size to the pet.


Shout Outs

Look into whether she likes to proudly shout out her pet love to the world. Is your niece driving around a car with 10 spirited bumper stickers? Does your mom redecorate her fridge with photos? Think on printable gifts to call attention to her favorite pets.


Edible Treats

There’s a whole market of fancy treats for the gourmand pet. Before scooping up that organic, peanut butter doughnut-shaped dog treat, make sure you know whether the pet has any food allergies. Many pets can only eat certain brands and specific foods for their diet, so check in with your pet lover (or peek in their pantry cupboard, if you’re shooting for a surprise).


Toys Toys Toys

Head to your local pet store knowing which type of pet you’re shopping for (cat, dog, gerbil, parrot, bunny) and then scope out fun toys as pet gifts. Pets can always use more toys (like children), and you can’t go really wrong in the toy department.


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